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  1. Hi Karin, I was in the Plumbing Contractor business for 25 years but that's not what I retired on...I was lucky enough to marry a very smart and business savy women. She invested all of our profits into rental properties for 20 years, and now that there all paid off we just play with our money now...of course after Uncle Sam gets his share. (We've been very blessed) We had to decide when was enough-enough, and said to heck with it, lets play for awhile ! I don't miss the 8 to 5 at all and neither do'es my wife.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I will definetly keep you posted if I happen onto a good fish story! JOE
  3. Glad to find this site. I'm 54, was blessed with a good career and retired to the mountains in colorado during the summer. really enjoying the cool weather at 10,000 ft. and the trout fishing. Spend my winter months on the Guadalupe river at Canyon Lake Texas. It's a rough life but someone has to live it. Just bought a one man pontoon boat about a month ago and really enjoying it. A nice relaxing way to fish. I 'm sure I will be busy for quite a while reading all these topics on the forum.Looking forward to my visit. JOEIII
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