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  1. Mine are ready as well. Please get me an address and I'll mail them later in the week.
  2. I'm in for at least a dozen warm water flies. Haven't participated on this board in a while but have finally found my tying mojo again
  3. LMAO Would you believe that I just got my flies today, 4-26. I see that the mail date on the package was 3-23 just like you said. Envelope looks like it's been tarred and feathered and was open on the end but the Altoids tin was still in there with some amazing flies. I'm so embarassed at my meager contribution to this swap. You guys are awesome. Fry Flier, thanks for hosting. bd
  4. Mine are at the mercy of the US Postal Service. I included a couple of bucks in the envelope for return postage. I hope that is acceptable. If it isn't, please e-mail me and I'll send you what is necessary to make it right. Looking forward to seeing the flies. bd
  5. Mine are done, "All in One" and CDC and Elk. They are both my favorites to tie and to fish, simple but effective. My e-mail is [email protected] If you'll send me your address I'll get those in the mail in the next few days. Thanks, bd
  6. My favorite to tie is a caddis of some sort while my favorite to fish is a southern fly called an "all in one". Simple to tie but effective. Caught about 10 Sat. on it. Not bad for winter fly fishing. bd
  7. I swear this is the last one 'til next winter bd
  8. I am so ashamed of my meager Clouser. What an AWESOME bunch of flies!!! I don't know whether to fish with 'em or frame 'em. It will probably be the former though Tight lines, bd
  9. Hey Skunked, Haven't logged in for a couple of days, if you haven't already mailed 'em, feel free to keep my extras as well. Tight lines, bd
  10. 12 #2 Flashy Clouser's are in the mail as of this afternoon. Hope they look ok. Tight lines, bd
  11. Hey skunked, I'm evidently having problems with my e-mail. If you'll pm me your address I'll get 12 Clouser's in the mail this week. Tight lines, bd
  12. Hey guys, just tried my first attempt at a hair bug tonight. Believe it or not, I think I actually might fish it However, in fairness to you guys, I think my swap fly will be a Clouser Minnow that has turned into my go-to LM Bass fly. I have caught (and lost) some pretty nice ones on it. Tight lines, bd
  13. My name is bonedog and I'm a swapaholic Since LM Bass are my main fishing pursuit, I"m in. Not sure what I will tie yet. Either a Clouser that I've had good results with or I'm about to begin attempting spinning and stacking deer hair. Either way, I'm in, bd
  14. Got mine today, the mail in Georgia is a tad slower than other places I think. Thanks for hosting and I'm humbled by the great tyers on this forum. Tight lines, bd
  15. Thanks MCFly. Hope they looked okay and maybe they'll turn up I sure do like tying 'em. This has been a fun swap idea. Tight lines, bd
  16. Got mine mailed today, I don't think I toe tagged 'em. Sorry for that snafu. They are #14 tan EHC's. Hope they look okay. bd
  17. Haven't done a swap here in a while, I'll play if there is still room, Tight lines, bd
  18. Super nice flies from the swap. Got mine today. You would have been welcome to keep the extras of mine, I've got plenty Thanks for hosting and kudos to all. Boy, have I got a lot to learn. Tight lines, bd
  19. Thanks for the kind words, bassgitter. I kinda hybridized a Gartside Gurgler with a Gurgle Pop. I hope they look ok and compare favorably to everyone else's flies. Tight Lines, bd
  20. Just got back from the post office. Mine are in the mail. I went ahead and tied one more to make 14 but it has a different colored tail. I hope they look ok. Tight Lines, bd PS. Feel free to keep any extras (should there be any), Mr. Swapmeister. Thanks for hosting.
  21. That's fine with me, bassgitter. 13 gurgler's will be on the way by Fri. Just joined the board so I didn't want to get a bad name to start with by dropping from one. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's flies and I hope that mine look ok. Thanks for hosting, bd
  22. Sounds good to wait a few days. I just needed to get them done as I start back to work next week, vacation is over Anyhow, I used tan 2mm closed cell foam, grizzly hackle and red Superhair for the tail. Ran out of the Superhair. I'm not sure that I tied it exactly like Gartside, kinda hybridized it with another pattern I have seen. I hope they look ok. Tight lines, bd
  23. Hey bassgitter, Is this one gonna make?? I'm tying up a few gurglers right now. I'll be happy to send a few for you and flyfisher if you like. They are an easy tie but I don't see much point in tying up 15. Let me know. Thanks, bd PS. Actually, I went ahead and tied 13 before I ran out of the material I was using for the tail. I could easily tie a couple more but the tail will be a different color. I'd also be happy to drop from this one and join your panfish swap. I tied these on a size 4 but I have seen big bluegills clobber them. It is up to you, my friend. Tight lines, bd
  24. New to the board but I will play. Probably will tie up a gurgler of some sort. Tight Lines, bd
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