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  1. I took over seventy pictures of the flies in this swap and these are the only ones I can upload. the rest you cannot even tell I was taking pictures of flies
  2. The fly I tied is a very old pattern called "Greenwood Lake" Greenwood Lake is about 12 miles northwest of my home. It was originally a black bass fly. I have never heard of a "black bass". Might be called something different today. Thanks to everyone for making my first hosting a success>
  3. Sorry about the quality of the pics only got one really good pic and don't know how I got it that good
  4. Always bring a cell phone with you but don't carry it as you normally would. if you fall in the water and the phone gets wet it is useless!!!! PUT IT IN A ZIPLOCK TYPE BAG.
  5. All the flies have arrived. I will send them out as soon as possible. I will be busy tonight and tomorrow,but hope to have them out by the weekend. My thanks to everyone for making my first swap a success. I will post pics as soon as I can including the map with the flies on it, (with your names on them) showing where each fly came from,which I will give to a local School.
  6. got flyfischa's second set still waiting on Thistle's micke still need your return addy
  7. Counting down...only four days to go. only three sets of flies are in.
  8. I have got a bit of a problem here guys, I've received four packages of flies so far but i can read only return address clearly. the handwriting "styles" are confusing the hell out of me. So to make sure I get you address's correct I would like everyone to send me their addy in a P.M. (The last package all I could make out was the country)
  9. fly tryer sets have arrived WOW!!
  10. I received flies today from Claudia, You guys are gonna love these flies
  11. my Royal Stimi's finally hit the mail today. they have only been in my jacket pocket for nine days now.
  12. address is on the bottom of post #1
  13. I will post photos after the flies are sent out
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