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  1. Well here goes!


    These are my first attempt at tying for saltwater.


    A long way from perfect I know, but I was reasonably pleased with the outcome.


    Any comments/criticism welcomed (be gentle!!!!)















  2. Here are a few tips I use when I tye flies:


    I make my own nymph dubbing by using wool yarn and 2 pieces of the sticky velcro.


    1. Get 2 pieces of the velcro and attach them each to the end of a large popsicle stick.


    2. Then separate your yarn into strands and put the yarn in between the two pieces of velcro and rub the yarn both ways until it looks like a good dubbing.


    You can also mix different colors of yarnlike this to get any color of dubbing you want.



    Hi bwol


    I tried this but the wool/yarn/floss gets really stuck in the velcro.


    How do you get it off? Am i missing something obvious?



  3. G'day to you all!


    My name is Jeff and I live in sunny Queensland, Australia. Not a lot of trout streams here, in fact the nearest is about 1500kms away - too far to pop out for a fish. We are lucky to be near the beach though and do have other freshwater options nearby - so not too bad!


    Dabbled in fly tying about 25 years ago and was never any good but am going to give it another try now and see if I can develop some skills. I must say that I am very impressed with the standard of tying evident on this site and look forward to hopefully picking up some tips/advice/help!!!


    You may wonder at my user name – “thumbs”..........well, when it comes to tying, that’s what I am at the moment “all thumbs”.


    Anyway, I look forward to being a member of this group and hope to get to know some of you better.




    Jeff (thumbs)


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