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  1. here my fishing buddy a little fishing and a little playing
  2. here one form Easter 2010 i just love this shot
  3. welcome from another pa fly fisherman. I'm over by Clarion Pa. i do a lot of warm water fly fishing. and some trout too
  4. here's a few pics of my tree from last year. we got ours up yesterday. so no pics from the one this year. this is the only time of the year that my Girlfriend gets in to my fly boxes.
  5. people talking on cell phone when there fishing.
  6. welcome I'm around Clarion pa area
  7. has anyone use eagle claw i think there made in the USA. i know there one fly shop around here that going to start caring them
  8. i have had one for 5 years and if i ever need a new one it will be another Danvise. never had a problem with it.
  9. when you add a room to your house to store your flies
  10. large woolly bugger with marabou tails works good for me and there easy to tie
  11. nice looking fly. bet it a small mouth catcher
  12. got mine on 11/12/08 right when i was walking out the door to go to my son wedding got back yesterday i can not believe all the stuff that was in there thank you mad scientist for a great deal.
  13. i use peacock dubbing works great and don't seem to make a difference to the fish
  14. i use both depend on what I'm tying. i think both have a place in tying.
  15. nice step by step the pics show up this now might try to tie this fly look like a bluegill getter
  16. i got a Danvise 4 years ago and I love it. never had any problems with it. If for some reason i have to get another vise it would be a danvise. i tie flies and jigs for my son. i think its a great vise.
  17. thanks guys that help out a lot now i know what i need to get thank you again
  18. :help: what is the different between Ice Chenille and Estaz or are they the same thing any help on this would be nice, thank you for your help on this.
  19. i think your right. it would make it easier on everyone
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