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  1. I am still waiting on the 2 sets if not in by Thursday I am sending out on Friday.
  2. Hay Guys just wating on 2 sets to come in both are on the way so I will let you know when I mail them out.
  3. I send mine out 1.5 week ago have you got them I am in canada so I thought you would have got them by now?
  4. Once I get them I will let you know.
  5. just to let you guys know that 2 people have droped out at the last couple of weeks so I hope all is OK with it :wallbash:
  6. I am not sure about the USPS Customs Declaration number they will probley be here this week some time you know what the boarder can be like some times with mail.
  7. My Extra is yours as well Thanks
  8. I sent mine Thursday or Friday I can't remember
  9. I thought you guys would like to see a BAD pic of the Flys I have receved so far again sorry about the BAD PIC :wallbash:
  10. Hay guys sorry I have not been replying in a timely manner but I have been away for work for 2 weeks and have not had much time lately but the good news is I am back now and all is good on the work front.
  11. I have receved your flys but I marked receved under the wrong name sorry redneck fly
  12. Not yet I will let you know
  13. Thanks for point that out I receved redneckflys and put receved by your name by mistake
  14. Receved your flys today fishingbobnelson I relly like what I saw great tye. :thumbup: can't wait to see more
  15. Just wanted to see how every body flys are doing? and Darrin I have not got your yet I was just commenting on you photo. Can't wait to see some of the flys :headbang:
  16. Mine are in the mail sent out this morning.
  17. Li Dave I will let you know when I get your flys and I thaws them out.
  18. GREAT FLY :yahoo: The only thing I have to say is the same thing the others said is to add Eye's it would make it look even better and yes the Foam head is a great idea (I will keep that one in the back of my head for latter tye's) Again Great Job :thumbup:
  19. Hay PolarBear I have the Peak rotary vice I like it a lot it's a great solid vice for the $$ ( in my opinion the best vice in the 150 to 200 dollar range) I love the true rotary function of the vice I got the pedestal base and it great it has good wight it's a little bit bigger then most Peak has great customer service as well any problem just call and they will fix the problem. Now on the other hand I have no experience with the Griffin Patriot but I highly recommend the peak. Good Luck and good tying.
  20. Thanks Johny Utah for posting the link for a step by step for the usual it's a great fly I have good luck with it. Here is some more info on the Usual http://www.thehomepool.ca/content/fly_of_t...h/the_usual.pdf
  21. I am in I will tye the Usual
  22. If using a stainless steel bobbin over time the thread will where out a grove inside the steel tube, with ceramic inserts they are very strong and will never where out with lots of use. I would get the ceramic insert one over the stainless any day.
  23. Hay Horseshoes I received your flys on Monday very nice very nice indeed.
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