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  1. I happened upon what I considered to be a pretty good bargain, a nice old lot of fly tying equipment and supplies. The highlight is over 40 boxes of Herter's hooks. They are probably 25-40 years old. The ones that have price tags on them are around $1.50 - $1.75 each. They are in brand new condition, no rust, all wrapped in wax paper in cardboard boxes. I have already tied a few flies on some of them and I like them quite a bit. Should I use them or are they worthwhile to hold onto as more or less a vintage collectable? They sure were a heck of lot cheaper than modern hooks, when they were new and now. Any advise? Quadfish
  2. Last weekend I caught one on a White BH Wooly Bugger. I was fishing for Shad, so at least I didn't get skunked. The Shad swam around my feet instead of being out at casting distance where I could get them. I don't know if this is a recognized Carp pattern, but as usual, I think it'll work for just about any fish and I proved it. Quadfish
  3. Howdy, I'm back into fly fishing and fly tying after about 15 years out of it. I've still been fishing all those years, but not with the fuzzy little creations I made myself. Things have changed a lot, but for the most part it's still a great bunch of people who seem to enjoy this pastime. I will be anxious to get involved as time allows, but of course as with I'm sure most of you guys, "I'd rather be fishing!" Rick
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