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  1. I'm from Pennsylvania and my name is Dave. Fairly unimaginative.
  2. When I was very very young I caught a duck, but that was on conventional gear. He put up a horrendous fight with a lot of splashing and noise. Uncle Art had to get him off the hook. I didn't fish again for 30 years.
  3. Genny Cream Ale was my first beer ever...gave me the runs, too. Honestly, I can finish my life without another one. It was okay, but there is so much better to be had for the same money.
  4. PA Dave

    fly rods

    Hey Shooter, I hear ya. Of all the rods I own, the most I've spent was $120 on one I built, but the one I keep finding in my hand is an 8ft 8wt fiberglass rod that I rebuilt. I stripped down an old Berkeley Buccaneer to the red/brown blank and replaced everything. It has this wonderful relaxed slow action and is just fun to fish. Total investment...$38...including the $8 I paid for the original rod at an auction of household goods. I don't begrudge anyone their high end gear...if you can afford it an you enjoy it, have at it. I just don't think it is the key to enjoying fly fishing.
  5. It's a tough question. Due to an unfortunate recent addiction to archery, I actually only tied maybe 2 dozen flies in as many years...luckily, I had so many freakin' flies tied already that I only returned to the bench in ernest this week, and I didn't cut back my fishing much during that time! Now it's time to restock, even though i have dozens that I have never fished yet.
  6. My wife actually pushed me into it before I even tried fly fishing. She said I needed the "creative outlet"...she's a theatre person, what can I say? Oh yes, now I have saved a fortune tying my own flies, building rods... :hyst:
  7. PA Dave

    Kayak Flyfishing

    I probably fish from my kayak about 80% of the time. My home river is the Susquehanna in PA, which is picture perfect for a kayak. My boat is an Old Town Loon 138...good and stable, fairly maneuverable for what it is.
  8. Is that a 12,000wt rod, or 16,000 wt?
  9. Hi All, I had to re-register as a new member because it has been so long that I no longer know what password I used or even which defunct email address I originally used. I got a little sidetracked with a small archery obsession that really ate into my fly fishing time and really put a bite on my tying time...good thing I had a large stockpile of flies to use. It's nice to be back. I used to be Lunk in PA or just Lunk...I don't remember which anymore. I have a lot of reading to do, it appears. This site was just really starting to grow when I last was here, now it's looking like a fully developed and successful place! I will stick with PA Dave as my user name because it is what I use everywhere else.
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