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  1. Such realism.....going to be hard to beat. Problem is what to fish for with it........... :bugeyes:
  2. Dave's flexament is what is used in my area...... I think there are other ways.....but I havn't gotten into tying turkey......Can't help much in this issue..........
  3. Thanks Jan. I won't win any races tying these things but at least it keeps me outa my wifes hair for an hour or two. I think she likes that. :j_k: AB As my mom always said "Practice makes perfect"...... That's why the wife always tells me to go tie something........ Well I told her that I would volunteer to tie her up :bugeyes:
  4. A tool of your choice is great, but there will come a day when you left your tool at home and you must tie something on the river.... Tools are nice, but it's better to know how to go either way! :yahoo:
  5. Awesome Fly!!! I really loved the tutorial with the pictures.....Absolutely Outstanding work and photography.... was simply unmatched quality!!!! A true pleasure to view!!!!!
  6. Well Fred H., Your tutorial didn't come though.....Need to try again :wallbash:
  7. If you got the time.......I've heard of some guys burning their own eyes from some 30-50# mono. I haven't done it myself......yet. But I know that it can be done if you don't need a gazillion of them.... :bugeyes:
  8. We all go through the rough patchs, when I first learnd to tie, I was breaking my thread left an right. Just about lost my mind!!! I learned a big lessom on thread tension. Don't know how many times I had to rethread my bobbin before the lightbulb came on!!!! Now I rarely break a thread......
  9. You must have had better lock than me!!! I emailed them several times without an anwser once!! I'm kinda funny bout sending money to them when they don't want to talk to me!!!!!
  10. Bruce.... Is this what you call the "Adams" pattern??? WHat are you using for the tail????
  11. I'm a clamp kind of guy..... I'd put three clamps on the vise if I thought it would help me more........... :bugeyes:
  12. Just where in the world do you get a foam body cutter from????
  13. Not to ask the obvious......But what's the difference???? :dunno:
  14. Thanks Guys for the great ideas..... Guess I've overlooked some of the best places for the glue. I saw on youtube a guy makin some foam hoppers, and he had a couple of bottles of "Crazy Glue" in a purple bottle with a nail polish applicator. But I havent gotten out to check the local hardware stores... Here is the link to the video if anyone has a mind to watch it, then you'll know what glue I want exactly...... Thanks Again http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=OugrUbjqpcQ
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