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  1. Steve, do you have any close ups of those steel head flies? Especially the first box. Thanks Jeremy
  2. I tie on a Nor-Vise so I love their bobbin. It's retractable. Jeremy
  3. I bought some at my local fly shop and tried it in my body braid teasers. You only have a few minutes of working time. I either use aleens fabric fusion or loon hard head. They smell less and no messy mixing. Both are very strong and if you a multiple coats they make a beautiful head. I spin them on a drying wheel. Jeremy
  4. Some saltwater flies for stripers.
  5. I was thinking about this also. I read somewhere that if you are using it for blue fish also, and the fly slides up the leader that other blues may hit it and cut through the leader. That would be the only thing to stop me. Jeremy
  6. The Artbin thread box is on Amazon for 15.00. It looks great. I might have to get one. Jeremy
  7. Been working on some extended bodies and adams parachutes for indicators. Jeremy
  8. I bought my grizzly died olive from Feather-craft. I bought a half neck since that's all they had In stock. Jeremy
  9. I actually switched to a Nor-Vise and would never go back. I was going to sell my Dyna king but I've been letting my 8 year old play around tying on it.
  10. I'm glad it worked for you. I never had them slip in mine. I have had them crush them though. Jeremy
  11. Nice fly Betty. Do you have a pattern for that? Jeremy
  12. If you mean on hares ear nymphs I just use Dave's flex cement on them. It works well on Turkey and keeps them from splitting. I never found the need to thin it. Jeremy
  13. I use green grizzly for my green drakes. Great pattern if it's in your area. Jeremy
  14. Fantastic flies. Is that ep for the bait fish? Jeremy
  15. My Dyna King barracuda will hold to an 8/0. It won't crush hooks but it definitely holds them tight. Jeremy
  16. Hey Chef. Care to share suppliers? Jeremy
  17. Hey Chef, what material is that? I see its crinkly. Is it one of the EP fibers? I really like them. Jeremy
  18. It depends on the time of day. Low light bright color and if there's a glare black works better for me. Tie them in a few colors and see what you like best Jeremy
  19. Scud

    San Diego

    Damn chef. I wish I used them.
  20. I've had mine since Christmas. I love it. I also have a Dyna king and a renzetti and i never use them. This is like a lathe. It's amazing. Jeremy
  21. I've used the tmc magnets and double Sided tape and its worked well. I use it in a little metal bowl to keep my hooks when I'm tying. Jeremy
  22. I have about 6 with flies in them. 2 Salt, 2 nymph, dry, streamer. Then i have a large box for extra salts and about 4 compartment boxes as replacements and for back up. Jeremy
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