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  1. Well here's my first fly...a #14 Copper John Red. For slight variation from other recipies I've seen I went with a red strand of crystal flash over top the thin skin and also a dyed red peacock herl. What do you think? Everything went ok but I got a bit stuck on the wings. I used hun patridge feathers as called for but I was having a hard time figuring out what part of the feather to use, how to use it, etc. I had read or seen somewhere where you cut a V in the feather and just tie it in but I couldn't get that to work right. Any tips on this part? I also had problems figuring out the whip finisher and lost tension a couple times and ended up all the way back to tying on the thin skin. You'll also notice that I have some feather ends where I clipped it off. How do you guys get it so close or should I have held it back a bit when I tied it in?
  2. I'm 6'5" and 300 lbs. Went to Cabelas over the weekend and bought a pair of waders. They were XL and fit pretty decent. They also had an XXL which I swum in...would have been good for someone over 34" inseam and over a 45" waist. I also ended up with a 14 boot.
  3. I was at Orvis the other day and noticed that they have quite a good selection of fly tying materials, which kind of surprised me. What other places do you have in your Favorites for buying material online (please include link if you can)
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