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  1. Looking at your trigger finger, I would comment to use my special triggerprotector to avoid this nasty injuries. Roy - do you want to sell them or shall I ?
  2. *SHE*


    And i always thought that thre were only three of them They opened the cage a bit earlier this week......... [email protected]
  3. I didn't dare to plug him, he was going to paint my face with cole after the pic when we watched the parade on friday. That is also the reason that the pic is a bit blurry
  4. *SHE*

    FTF Shirts

    .............There can be only one..........that's all Ihave to say to this Got ours last wednesday. They're looking great. Thanks Will Heike + Hartmut
  5. I love antiques gu........ehmmm.............flies Heike
  6. Where ever this tropical place might be, Matt , keep that fly and send me instead, I'm almost frozen with 14°. Just have a look at your rainbow and a glass of malt to warm me up. Happy New Year guys Heike BTW Matt , still undyed......... :innocent:
  7. I rarely post comments to flies - just enjoy them. But this one makes me feel like sitting on warm fireplace with some friends. Just love it. Heike
  8. Matt, your dog needs striktly diet for the next days otherwise the dog might think that he/she is really one of St.Claus' reindeers and fly away. I think turkey or T-bone Steak would convince him to be a dog.......so leave the christmas dinner for the poor dog ...
  9. Ooops......sorry guys - forgotten to write the correct file - now it should work
  10. For this is christmas eve my calendar will end with the last star today. I hope you all have a bit of fun with it and wish you and yours a Frohe Weihnachten und ein Gutes Neues Jahr Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Heike
  11. Because I can't use my office computer at the moment (vacations :yahoo: ) I couldn't create pdf-files for the last two stars - so please be patient while loading - can take a bit of time. This one contents "really" old flies, as they have been used here in the early 20th century. If your interested in more infos about these flies and their history - just ask
  12. This will be the last moderator fly...and it's easy to guess, who did it.
  13. John, come here. I made some balms and other remedies for injured flyfisher and swordsmens. They work...
  14. Seeing the great flies of the contest, you don't need another here - just an advice for those, that still looking for some presents.
  15. Just love your flies.......next one is under star#20 Heike
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