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    Swap Box 6

    Got the box this PM. Lots of great stuff. I've added my stuff and will get it moving through the USPS tomorrow AM. This is kind of like Christmas. Grunt
  2. Dave, Semper Fi. Alpha 1/9 1967 The Walking Dead
  3. I started on a cheap basic clamp on years ago and now I have been using a Peak for the past two years. For 12 and smaller I use the midge jaws and I can get to all surfaces pretty good. I really like the simplicity of design of the Peak. Can't compair it to others as I haven't tied on anything else but I'm not ready to change vises because the Peak has done everything I've asked it to do fresh or salt.
  4. Got the flys today. Good tys everyone. Biots are cool.
  5. Got my flys good job everyone, thanks for hosting the swap.
  6. Got the flys today. Good tys all, a great creative swap.
  7. My bench faces a large slider window on the north wall of my wood studio. I can see a couple of miles into the Blue Ridge mountains. No people.
  8. Today it was Muddy jamming with Johnny Winters. Howling Wolf, and Elmore James and last but not least Derrick and the Dominoes live at the Filmore 1972 with Clapton hammering out some good Blues.
  9. Grunt

    Memorial Day 08

    I wrote this several years ago and it is true to this day. The Best Are Washed Away The young march into the killing field one step in their fate is sealed fiercely fighting to the fray and the best are washed away. Virgin to the breech oh God what do old men teach honor, glory, with death young men pay and the best are washed away. Bouncing Betty, RPG, tomato can one misstep will kill a man, sail the sea of fate each day and the best are washed away. Ignore the death surround the fight, the fight abound, give no quarter night or day and the best are washed away. Some survive with body rent on the field their spirit spent, death was the price of life they say and the best are washed away. Some returned unscathed home behind the mask routefoot roam, anguish, anguish, feet of clay and the best are washed away. Those who play know no game, life of rage, nothing is the same for when the war tide recedes to day all the best are washed away. Rodger Jacobs A Co. 1st Bn 9th Marines The Walking Dead Vietnam 1966- 1967 May 1st 2001
  10. Grunt

    Swap Box 6

    Sent addy and number last night. Sorry you had to wait.
  11. I have a little six foot St Croix 2/3. I have a wf 4 weight line on it. This little rod is for fishing small tight quarters streams up here in the NC mountains. Usually when I cast I only have four or five feet of flyline out of the tiptop. The added weight of a heavier line allows me to throw the line farther. It also works better in the wind and roll casting too. Finding a small light weight reel that doesn't break the bank was a challenge I settled on a TFO midge.
  12. Got mine yesterday. Way nice flys. Makes me realize how much more there is for me to learn. I am putting some aside for a float trip on the Catawba River.
  13. Grunt

    Swap Box 6

    If there is room I'm in. Always good to design new buggs. I have some cool weird material collected.
  14. Got mine yesterday, sweet ties everyone. I'll be fishing these a couple of feet behind a indicator fly like a foam beetle or a Trout Fin.
  15. I'll tie a #18 baetis nymph, can't promise they will all be the same color but they will catch fish,
  16. I'd like a spot, will post pattern in a day or so.
  17. Got mine done. I'm relearning tying drys after a twenty year pause so be gentle with this old Jarhead when seeing my efforts. New materials, new techniques, wow, have I got a lot to learn.
  18. If you sent address I didn't get it please try again.
  19. Got mine done except for the epoxy and drying wheel. Need address
  20. I have a 13 ft Hobie Quest sit on top fishing kayak. I has a anchor systerm that allows me to anchor off the bow or the stearn or use two anchors, both bow and strearn. Two rod holders behind the seat for trolling and a Ram holder that will hold a fly rod in front.The boat has a foot controled rudder that allows me to control the boat's drift while I an casting. It has hatches forward and mid ships and the deck lay out great. It is stable, comfortable, and pretty fast for a SOT.
  21. My Bentbacks are in the mail.
  22. Black and Green are in the USPS. Thanks for letting me join.
  23. I'm in with a Half and Half. I got to go count my hooks before I give a size. I'm back, the Half and Half will be size 4 with Super Hair wings. I get to drag out my drying wheel and epoxy oh boy!!
  24. If there is room I'm in with a #12 black and green bugger.
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