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  1. Ok I have tied a few flys with Materials I found around my house and it didnt work out too well... I just started a little while ago. have everything I need to make them except the right Materials. There are no fly shops around me, and the best i could get at the stores around me will maybe be some foam strips and some feathers ( not very good ones ) But maybe I'm overlooking some place, does anyone here know of a common store that has some Materials I could use? I really don't want to have to order them online but I will if I have to. I have some Fly tying books too and know I can tie the flies, just can't find the stuff I need. Thanks.
  2. So if i did a whip finish or even two whats the chance of it coming undone?
  3. Ok so I finally found a pattern that works for me. But I want to know if I do a whip finish with 5 turns does it always need something to seal it down such as super glue or something? I hate having to do it every time and I'm afraid if i don't the string will come undone and my fly will be ruined... Oh and its funny how some tie flies because they think it will save them money. =)
  4. Don't cut the cats fur off... Get a brush and brush out the sheddings and use them, cats and dogs always have it.
  5. I have already tried almost the exact fly... and in many colors. I have been trying for weeks not just recently... in all weather types.. And the water here is always ugly lol never really clear. I have tried throwing grasshopper in the water beetles crickets, they wont even come to the top for them... i tried that a long time ago
  6. I can catch bluegill very very easy on live baits or lures like jigs but i cant get them with a fly. I tried a popper and dry flys my own flys wet flys tons of kinds and no luck. I tried foam bugs to with long and short legs 3 different colors never one bite... Whats the problem? The water I fish in is stained / kind of muddy... Not VERY bad though. Is there something I can do to make them bite? Oh and i'm fishing in a lake, tried in a pound too and still nothing ( same color water ) I live in texas and all the lakes by me are muddy or stained
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