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  1. What flies do you like to use on rainy or cloudy days or both at the same time? For bluegill and bass
  2. Well it should work i'll bring a couple when i go fishing today, I remember about 6 years ago when i use to catch bluegill on BARE hooks lol, it was just messing around but i caught a few, takes longer than if you use lures or live/dead bait though of course.
  3. Ok I got some very shiny white Chenille that has 80% white and 20% shiny in it. And I have some Pure solid black Chenille. Now if I wrapping it very firmly around a hook and made a nice looking body not a ball a body out of it with no tail eyes just the chenille, it would be about two layers of it, it would be think but not fat sort of like a bumble bee. It would almost look like a plain old black chenille spider with rubber legs just no legs. I made about 30 of them because they look so great and they take 30 secs to one minute to tie but they really look great, has anyone tried this? Did it work? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the tips.
  5. Whatever you want is fine, if I can I'll send you the pics of the fish I catch with them if I get the chance.
  6. Cool thanks, I just did. I'll try them out and I'll start buying from you if they work and if your willing to make them.
  7. Right now I'm limited to a spinning rod. So what kind of flies should I be using for Bass and Bluegill that will work on a spinning rod? I'm fishing in water where you can see about half a foot down before it goes muddy, so its not all that clear. Thanks
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