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  1. thanks guys!!! this should be fun and i will learn a lot from this!!!
  2. I have enter some flies in this years contest and i was wandering where do i vote????? and when??
  3. i would spend the 4 dollars and buy the other whip finisher it is way easier to do!!! the thompson whip finish is not good, i had trouble with that one too stupid string anyway buy the other one!!
  4. great flies but need to be in focus lol!!! any way i would recommend the book called stillwater solutions recipes by brian chan and phil rowley great book has an outline of a bunch of materials for you.
  5. looks good!! i think i would small rear the end and bigger by the legs also a scud hook size 10 or smaller works better. and cut left over foam.. this is a shrimp light fly with deer hair instead of foam but would use foam looks better
  6. thanks guys i will try some of the flies you recommended. i do have deer hair caddis , and some egg sucking leeches too in dark olive and light olive plus blood leech...
  7. i am going fishing late this month and was wandering if anyone had a great fly for autumn?
  8. hay guys just wandering if there is a book on when and what fly to use in rivers and lakes etc.. what time of year what fly works best???? or better yet what hatches and what time of year????
  9. thanks guys for the awesome comments. I will take your advice and work on it!!
  10. this is the first of my flies i would like to show lol
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