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  1. Most welcome Dan! Do you have any access to white long hair Yak pelts in China? No, in China fly tying material has not become a mature industry. I have never seen the white long hair Yak pelts around me cause the white long hair Yak lives over 3000 km away from the place i live.
  2. In north China, there are some fish species like river trout. But fly fishing has not been well known in China.
  3. I am Dan from China. Last year, I saw the fly pattern and I was attracted by it. And I have bought 7 books about fly tying and fly patterns to get to know more about it. I like fly tying. Fly tying is a kind of relationship between people and nature for me. It is also a culture. I wish I could learn a lot from your guys.
  4. Today, I tied my first Adams. Last time I used a 14# hook to tie a Griffith's Gnat which should be tied with 16#-20# hook. I tied that pattern because I think the pattern maybe is not so hard for me to tie. Today I tied the Adams. Would your guys help me to point out what I should pay attention to in my next tying. Hook: same as Dai-Riki 320 12# Tail: grey and brown hackle barbs Body: grey floss Wings: grey hackle tips Hackle: grey and brown mixed The color of the picture is a little wrong. I used the grey chinchilla hackle to tie adams. I have to say that to be a Chinese guy, I can not buy the genetic hacke in China. And no shop would send the genetic hackle or other tying materials like feathers to overseas according to the government post policies. :dunno: So I tried to find the smallest rooster neck hackle to tie this pattern. I have found the wings are a little longer. Please let me know any other problems I have not found about my tying pattern. I would appreciate it.
  5. I will take a try to trim the pattern a little bit and see what happend . I am afraid the trimmed pattern looks a little weird :dunno: . I will post the trimmed pattern later.
  6. Thank you for your guys kind comments. Today, I finally found out the problem about my tying. I do not use the genetic hackle to tie a dry fly pattern!!! It is the reason why the hackle of my pattern is about 2 times longer than the hook gap. Wish your guys know there is no genetic hackle in China. Most tying books never discuss the genetic hackle cause it is very common in fly tying. Everyone knows it but me :dunno: . Even though I have chosen the smallest rooster neck feather. But still it is too long to be a good dry hackle. According to my tying material, I have to say the wet fly maybe is easier for me to prastise tying. Thanks again guys. I really appreciate your kind help.
  7. This is a pattern called Griffith's Gnat. It is a quite simple pattern. I tied over 10pcs for the same pattern to practise myself. I want to hear different voices about my tying. Please let me have yours. I have 6 pictures from different angles for your to see clearly. Hook: Mustad 539 size 14# Body: peacock herl Hackle: grizzly
  8. Cheers. It is really help. I appreciate it. ------------------------------------------ www.versacorp.cn -----------------------------------------
  9. The Benchside Introduction To Fly Tying by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer.
  10. My first fly vise is made in India. It is a cheap one but it is also a terrible one. So I and my friend made a vise by ourselves. It looks not so good but it workable. Cause there is no vise selling in China. I have a friend who promised to bring me a tying vise in the middle of May. But unfortunately he did not buy it when he returned to his homeland. He told me he could order it online and bring it back to me before the end of June. I hope I could have it when time was coming. You know, I have not find a good website which could deliver the tying vise to China. I can only pay the vise by paypal. I have visited ebay and tried to buy a good vise. But it still does not work. Is there any one could help me out? I appreciate it.
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