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  1. I have been tying for pike for going on 15 years now, and while my box has around 500 pike flies ranging from a 5 minute bunny leach to a 2 hour 7 articulated monstrosity I have found that a black and purple articulated bunny leach is always a simple and effective pattern to test the waters.
  2. I just buy hundred packs of b10s from gamakatsu. Wanna say it is about 28 dollars or so retail.
  3. I could do a step by step for one of the big ones like the one attached. The smaller ones are a bit more challenging.
  4. It is a combination of loon thick uv glue, three layers of foam sculpted into a dome, chockletts body tubing, and some pretty gold eyes.
  5. It's been a long time since my last post, however ive done anything but stop tying. Between tying commercially, working in the shop, and attempting to catch fish I occasionally get time to tie funky flies. I've been tying a fly for a little while now that is predominantly for peacock bass, musky and pike, but living in Missoula Montana we only have one of those and it is mediocre fishing at best. What we do have is great trout fishing, and with high water upon us, it was time to adapt the the Zim for these carp-in-a-clown-suit fish. If you have any questions, let me know. Lucas
  6. So I am looking to build two new rods for my upcoming move to either Florida or Louisiana. One of them will be a Helios 2 8'9 one piece and the other will be an 8'3 Sweetgrass Bamboo pentagonal three piece. Im having a tough time deciding which to make into a 9 and which to make into the ten. For the 9 I prefer to throw flies like the three little 2 inch tarpon flies and for the 10 id prefer not to cast anything much larger than that cuda popper. Has anyone had much experience with bamboo when fishing the salt, and if so, how do they cast bigger flies?
  7. Id say that is pretty reasonable vic. Two of my coworkers at the flyshop have been taking time off and i got a surprise smith river float so I have gotten way behind. If we could move it to the 15th it would really help me out as well.
  8. Im interested, but first, when would you like them to be sent in to you?
  9. Got em, and they look great! Ill get em sent out right away!
  10. I head out in about 8 months, i will certainly post pictures the whole while I am there.
  11. I'm going to be living in Vietnam for a couple of years. Gonna try to fish as much as I can and who knows, mabye hook into one of those mekong beasts. Not sure if they are fishable or what they would take to, but you can bet ill put my time in.
  12. No worries, I am definitly looking forward to seeing what everyone sends in. Ill be doing some "testing" of my flies this weekend for carp and pike, ill be sure to let you know how it goes!
  13. Sorry about this, tomorrow is my last day of finals so I will be more on top of things. So, it looks like it is just the three of this (my roommate seems to be unable to make a post on the forum). Do you want to tie the same amount and each tier gets 3 of each, or do you want to just scrap the swap if we do not get another tier by monday? If you want to scrap it just send me a message. Lucas.
  14. Flies are ready, send me your address?
  15. I just realized that there are only three so far. My roommate is supposed to be tying for this swap, I think he has even already finished his flies. I thought he had posted on this thread, but I guess not. I honestly don't even know his username so I cannot mark him down quite yet. If it doesn't fill up all of the way I think we may as well just go with what we have, and let Portlyjoe. It would be nice to get a couple more on board however.
  16. Sorry about being out of touch, was in Mexico and my bag with my laptop got lost, thankfully none of my flies, reels, or rod were in the bag. And the streamer I am tying for this swap certainly works, was going for snook and ended up landing a baby tarpon instead, a pleasant surprise.
  17. Absolutly! Thatd be great for a local bass lake!
  18. J.Z

    Crease fly

    Ive been tying and fishing crease flies for a few years now and I have found that with a heavy sink tip and about 30 pound mono-filament they do not twist on me at all.
  19. Im looking forward to seeing your flies! Just let me know what they are when you are ready.
  20. Ive got a winston passport that I use for pike, musky, and soon salt and I love it, and pretty affordable. I personally prefer a 9 but a 10 might fit you better.
  21. 1down. Me thinks this bullet will be ripping some lips
  22. A fellow member kindly pointed out to me that there are a large number of big fly swaps going on right now. With that in mind I think that 7 tiers and just a dozen flies each would be much more managable considering the circumstances. Still two different patterns, just less time consuming/knuckle-busting.
  23. Don't worry, I am colorblind so I won't likely notice the difference. Any chartreuse will do
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