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  1. Brent, I'm pretty bummed by that, I was just about to buy a set of Dr. Slicks on the net. I'm really surprised you have problems with them cutting at the tips, aren't Dr Slick the best ?. Can someone else come in here and give thier opionion on scissors. The best pair I ever had (and still use) are a nurses pair that she used for cutting bandages. The finger holes are very small so I hold them like a twessers (spell?) with my little finger in one of the holes. I sometimes forget and use it like normal but then it get stucks below my nuckles and I need to use the other hand to get them off. but they have great blades and cut at the points perfectly every time. I think I'll hold off on my purchase till someone advises me otherwise. Brian.
  2. I wouldn't worry about the eels. They are natural part of the stream. They do feed on live fish but they mostly eat dead or dieing stuff. Anyway if it does eat any of the trout it'll be the weaker ones. Here's some info on eels, pretty interesting. http://www.cnr.vt.edu/efish/families/anguillidae.html Brian.
  3. Hi, Do sedges (caddis) hatch on the river? if so you could cast one straight across and let it swing around dragging on the suface. Its a popular method in the UK according to some mags. I cant say I've tried here in Ireland on the rivers, but the idea seems sound. Hey Pujic, "There is a theory that using darker flies at night is more productive as the fish actually see the silhouette of the fly better than say a white fly. It's worked pretty well for me." Yeah, I've heard the same said about deep or coloured water, makes sense. I cant imagine any of the browns in my river falling for a mouse, but I'll have to give it a go . I'll make sure noone sees me though . Brian.
  4. Havent much experience with this kind of fly, but to get an idea of how it'll look, attach it to some line and drag it around the bathtub this is always useful with marabou tails. Brian
  5. Im still using the cheap cam vise I got with a kit about 3 years ago, its so worn out now it cant hold any size of hook. I'm getting a peak vise from the US , ordered it today, cant wait
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