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  1. QUOTE in my experience its all about the red tag... sets any bass off I have fished all over for smallies, and I have found that the red tag is not a given. On an Indiana creek, a red faced white popper worked very well. On my home stream, the same red face on a streamer is totally unimportant. AND, pertaining to hybrid striped bass on my favorite tailrace, red will actually turn the fish off! I know that red is a great favorite of many, but I think that best colors absolutly change with region, water color, temp, available forage, and time of year. In my home waters, I can have my best success with pearl in the spring & fall, but olive is the best from late May-June. Black & blue in the summer, and brown w/chart tail, in the fall. Now that's for my water. For someone else in another region, they may have altogether different ideas of what works, in the way of colors. That might be why maunufacturers of soft plastic worms, grubs, tubes, etc., have 50+ colors to choose from.
  2. I love my XP as well, but I hate the Xi2. I cast a few rods at a fly fishing show, and I liked the T &T 9 wt the best. The Loomis rod will probably be good based on the usual performance of Loomis rods. You might give the T & T a try, though. I was stunned at how easy it boomed a line out while I had to struggle with the Sage Xi2, and it had a weird feel when I cast it.
  3. Aaand, just in time for salmon/steelhead season, I have a fly that slays on the Wisconsin side of the lake. It has worked on the Michigan side, but I haven't had much serious testing done there. I would include a pic, but I have to learn how to size photos to fit the limits of the board. Anybody interested?
  4. Will, I had an incident over ten years ago, much like yours. I was riding my motorcycle over an overpass when a guy at the stop sign pulled out right in front of me. When he realized I was headed straight for him, his eyes got as big as saucers. He tried to gun it, to get out of the way, but his '73 Buick Electra was too slow. I hit both brakes to try to stop, but I just left a 60 ft skid mark up to the vehicle. My bike was skidding sideways (It was fully upright, but sideways.), and my leg was caugt between the bike and the "car", a.k.a.- brick wall w/tires. Long story short (I know, too late.), the doctor told me he was giving me a 60/40 chance. I said a 60/40 chance of what? He said that they might have to amputate!!! Well, that didn't happen, but I do have a steel plate, 8 screws, and wire holding it together, and they had to take bone out of my hip to rebuild my ankle. SOOO... I do know what you going through, and I can say that you should be up, and at 'em again in a few months. Few being relative, but it took me 9 months to get the cast off. I am still wadefishing, as you will be, and the way to look at this (silver lining, here) is you have lots of free time to tie! Heck maybe ask the doctor to see some of his surgical tools. You just might find something, besides hemos, to use at the tying bench. Good luck, Will. Hoping you'll be back on the water soon.
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