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  1. Did anyone mention Clouser's minnows yet :-) (oh, and read Bob Clouser's book too) The Clouser minnow is basically a weighted bucktail streamer. Learn how to tie bucktail streamers. For a simple pattern, I have been tying with chenille. http://www.flyfishohio.com/Wonder-ful%20Chenille%20Worms.htm I really like the flyfishohio site for smallmouth info. Black Wooley buggers are great, but also try some of the stone fly imitations. The Montana Stone is cheap to tie. I also recommend just buying balsa poppers instead of tying them yourself. If you are going to fish for bass, you need to learn to spin deer hair. And learn to tie the Gartside Gurgler. These flies will give you a lot to work with, and are fairly easy to tie and you won't have to go out and buy a ton of expensive materials. Eventually you should take a class to learn to tie trout flies. Not because you will be using traditional dries, but because the techniques are transferable to smallmouth flies. Carl
  2. Learn to whip finish well and you don't need head cement (for the fish at least, the gloss sometimes looks nice). I whip finish my large flys (uni thread or floss by hand. It is much more convenient). When I am tying size 16 or smaller dries, and I want a really nice looking head, I use a Matterelli whip tool. It tightens down and puts on 5-8 wraps in almost no time. I find whip finishing size 8 thread by hand a bit harder. The hand whipping unravels the thread and it gets caught on the tufts of dead skin on my fingers. FWIW.
  3. I'm just wondering what I am missing. I have been tying with a Regal for a long time. It holds my hook, crimps barbs, hooks go in and out easily. How many flies do you tie that use the rotary feature? Carl
  4. The surprises are fun. I remember feeling a crappie pecking at my fly when my rod almost was ripped out of my hands. The catfish must have been going for the crappie. I ended up landing the 18" catfish. Carl
  5. Wiss thread scissors. They are sharp, pointed, spring loaded (they open on their own) and have replaceable blades, though they hold an edge very well. http://www.cooperhandtools.com/brands/CF_F...pc=037103581266 (I don't know anything about this site. I just googled the picture) Rainy Riding from Rainy's flies recommended them and I have not been disappointed. Carl
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