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  1. mark2olson


    The photograph of the BWO on page five is stunning, well thought out and well executed (not always an easy task when photographing insects). Thanks for the heads-up, this looks like a nice addition to the library.
  2. I agree, the head is spectacular. The claret blends nicely with the colors in the wing, body, and ribbing. I also like how the underwing and wing work together. Very nice, very nice indeed!
  3. Very nice! Very crisp and clear photos, what type of camera and lens did you use?
  4. The flies are well-tied and designed. The pictures are very dramatic! Well done!
  5. Does the light fully cure Clear Cure Goo?(1) I've noted that Loon's UV products, Knot Sense, et al, will not fully cure under a UV light. It does cure fairly well in full sunlight. Also, is Clear Cure Goo tough? The Loon UV products seem to crack fairly easily based on my observations. 1) Assuming fully powered batteries
  6. I am ready to ship, let me know what your address is and I'll get them in the mail post haste....
  7. The last picture showed Fred's fly, a conehead, spring crawfish colors. micro bugger (more details in the Micro Bugger Swap thread) I thought that I had the picture problem sussed, but apparantly not. I'll check it out when I return from work, unfortunately most everything in the external net is blocked here . The net is a Brodin, IIRC, with the C&R webbing. I'm a big Z-axis fan...
  8. This -and this- -caught on this- tied by Fred H. (in 2008)
  9. Welcome, I'm from the eastern portion of the state. Although Omaha is a hike for you, RecycledFish.org is sponsoring the Fly Fishing Film Tour at the Rave Theater in Omaha on June 18th. If you are in the neighborhood, it will be well worth the time to see the show.
  10. There are two pieces of gear that I would replace, without hesitation, if I lost or broke them. I'm pretty thrifty with regard to taking out debt. For these two items, I would, without question, stretch credit card payments out, if necessary, to buy them. My sunglasses are one of those pieces. I have a pair of Costa del Sol's, grey lenses, with the magnifiers built in. I may splurge this year and purchase a set with amber lenses (I have another brand with amber lenses, but the magnifiers are not built into those). The Costa's provide excellent visibility under a wide range of conditions. I also don't have to swap between my reading glasses and sunglasses when I need to tie or adjust my flies. My current pair was not cheap, I don't remember the exact price, they were over a hundred but less than two, but they have lasted three years. I've had other pairs, expensive and inexpensive, that lasted barely a year, if that. I use them for everything, too. Well worth the price that I paid for them.
  11. I made the switch several years ago. I use Hareline's Lead Free Wire for weighted patterns. The smallest size, however, is .015. For patterns that require a smaller diameter wire, I use copper wire as the weight. On the stream, I use tin split shot.
  12. If a small swap means tiny flies (26 or smaller), I would be "in"
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