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  1. have an old Odames,great vice,had one back 20 years ago when i was tying professionally,when i got back into it i just had to have another one.
  2. I was web browsing various flies recently and found a few tied with the foam bodies,looked good ,so i found a vendor selling them,not cheap either! then it occurred to me exactly how they could be made,a 3mm hole punch used on a kip mat like the type used for camping,simply punch a hole through the foam and the 'waste' is the bit you want,as i sit here i am considering using some of the kids floatation tubes the use in the swimming pool as they come on a plethora of colours. so here is a quick try out,seems to look ok and of course is incredibly buoyant,what are your thoughts?
  3. When i was over at shearwater carp fishing i notices a sizable hatch of caddis fly,the carp were eager to mop them up ,so i made this fly pattern with a view to using it with a course rod later in the week. hook : longshank down eye size 10. thread: black. body: dubbed mink underfur,red game hackle over. rib:flat gold tinsel wing :jackdaw . hackle : red game. horns: stripped hackle stalks.
  4. thanks boynabubble ,i am just loving getting back into tying after so long.
  5. i doubt it would ,however i see no reason why it wouldnt catch fish and it does look very pretty in the fly box!
  6. got some snazzy emerger hooks and straight away thaught mayfly,heres the result: thanks for looking
  7. cheers mate!now for the london bus......
  8. my son charlie is 4 years old and apparently the best thing in the world is tractors,well whilst tying the other day he asked me to tye a tractor fly! i dont mind admitting it had me stumped until i came up with this design!
  9. glad to see its used more wide spread than i thaught,when i was a pro-tyer 20 years ago i used to tie them without the silk,just used an even finer wire,used to get the wire from old telephones back then!
  10. made this one tonight,a very simple nymph pattern but deadly on a chalk stream.Dont know if you chaps use them over the pond,it was designed by a famous fly fisherman,bailiff and tier Frank Sawyer. thanks for looking.
  11. tied this one up out of what the mouse didnt use for his home over the last winter! 2 jungle cock capes and indian crow all shredded! i recon this one will fish well on the local chalk streams. thanks for looking.
  12. just discovered this forum looks the biz! allthough i am not currently tying flies i do intend to get back into it this winter.i used to tie professionally and am looking forward to getting back into things! i may not post often but ille be here working my way through the archives for a bit! any other brits on here? www.overthegate.com
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