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  1. Futzer, thanks a lot for the offer! I think the problem is that I never get the wing proportions right. In my eyes anyway. And I can never get in a decent tail in. It's probably cause I tie mainly nymphs and emergers. I'm not much of a dry fly person. Thanks again Futzer, any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated! I have yet to see a fish rise to any dry of mine...something I have to see before I die haha. nb
  2. Your profile picture...goodness. Haha. But man, that is one beautiful fly! I can't tie spinners worth anything. nb
  3. That was ridiculous. People need to chill. :wallbash: He did concede to the point I made that you didn't actually NAME the fly. Jeez. Once again, good tie! Gonna go do some trout crack now...
  4. Must say, I love all of your flies Dave. You are a superb tier. And I like the blog as well.
  5. got my flies yesterday. thanks for hosting 907, and great ties people! nb
  6. :yahoo: WOO! Yeah. I am excited! A lot of neat sounding flies. Thanks for hosting 907. nb
  7. Haha. I put a note specifically saying "Two extras for the swapmaster." I didn't take into account that a couple tiers don't really look as though they are coming through with the swap. And I included a fly counting myself! So take any extras please 907 and put them to good use! Thanks for hosting. nen-bran
  8. Flies going out today. Sorry for the delay. nb
  9. Hey. Flies will be out shortly. Got a few left to go. Re-tiling the house and haven't had time to tie. Can I get an address? Thanks, nen-bran
  10. Got the flies a few days ago. Nice ties everyone! I am excited to try 'em out. nb
  11. Ok. I will be tying a size 18 variation on an Olive Beadhead Nymph as seen in Trout flies by Dave Hughes. Copper bead head, Golden Olive Awesome 'Possum for the abdomen, 1 strand yellow floss rib, and Dark Hare's Ear for the thorax. Simple tie, but looks buggy and effective. I haven't caught a fish on the fly yet, but when I hopefully go to the Gila this spring break, this is going to be one of my go to flies to see if I can't hook into a trout. nen-bran
  12. Wow. I am very sorry for your loss, and like everybody else, I am here if you need anything. On a side note, I am very sorry for the loss of your two cats, and I believe that your neighbor who saved your dog is a hero. I have a soft spot for animals. Take care. Your family is in my prayers. nen-bran
  13. Glad to hear you are alright. I would say school is a pain, but it probably pales in comparison. haha. nb
  14. Linesides, Any updates? nen-bran
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