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  1. There are over a 1000 different sub species of mysis shrimp across the continent.Some probably make up part of the food chain where you fish. This one is a size #18 and I 've tied a piece of ginger spanflex into the carapace to mimic the ones I see locally . What size and color do you have where you fish?
  2. Andrew, it's do-able and probably solves more problems than one. That would have less wind drag than a fixed claw and should move to let the fly track straight when retrieved. I used Spanflex to solve a similar problem on a frog pattern I'll give it a go here . Thanks Andrew. Fred
  3. Thanks for all the kind words and imput guys. Kirk , here's a better look at how deer hair is tied in for this fly. And Mike , since the big claw is tied apart like an extended body you can have it comming or going. Thanks for the suggestions , keep em comming. This pattern is still evolving. Fred
  4. Kirk , this is not spinning deer hair. This shot is from a different pattern but it shows how to add bulk to a pattern easily. And I don't know why I let the speed of the tie into the conversation. Noone , when faced with a fish that being very selective , looks into their fly box for the fly that took them the least amount of time to tie. Fred
  5. Thanks Paul and Kirk. Kirk the body on this fly is deer hair wrapped with thread. Lead is first tied on under the hook to ensure the hook will ride point up . I could have controlled the shape of the body and made it translucent using mono but tying in a batch of deer hair works for this pattern and its a simple and quick way to get the shape I wanted. A weed guard will be added on future flies . Thanks for the imput ,it's much appreciated. Fred
  6. Trying to come up with an easy to tie and cast fiddler pattern. First attempt. Any thoughts on how to make it better.
  7. Nice squid flies PJ. Fred
  8. Thanks Paul and C Teeter I hope the fish will agree. Fred
  9. Thanks guys and Kelly . I'm working on having some eyes made just for frogs . I'm tired of using fish eyes on frog patterns. Kirk , I have'nt used balsa or tupelo for a while because the foam is easy to obtain and really cheap. If those things change so will I. Fred
  10. Hi guys here are a few foam frogs I'm working on. Tying season ,she is upon us. Fred
  11. Chris , thanks for the kind words . Flies this size and smaller or a must on some streams . Anything larger will get met with refusal after refusal.Catching a large fish on such a small hook is a challange, not only is the hook tiny but so is the tippet and leader material. The heaviest fish I've caught on a size #20 hook was a 16 lb carp. I have heard of other anglers boast of catching large brown and rainbows on flies tied on hooks as small as 32's . The thing is, you want to match the hatch when you can. Match the color and most importantly the size . Worry about catching him after you've convinced him to eat what your throwing. Thanks again, Fred
  12. Thanks guys , I swear I'm not a pod person. Fred
  13. Thanks Guys . Too funny!! Fred
  14. Had to break out the 3.00 reading glasses for these .
  15. Mike the foam came from a craft store. Looked like a large white marshmellow. I believe they were called Foamies Shapes and you can get a dozen for $2 or $3 . I cut them to shape with a stone cylinder on a dremel type tool , color them with markers and then coat with epoxy. Fred
  16. Thanks so much Kelly. Will you be at the tyers rendevous in a couple of weeks?
  17. Terry the sheets are 4" x 16" and sell for 2.29 at mad river outfitters. Fred
  18. Terry , I'll have to look tonight when I get home. I don't recall off hand because it comes rolled up in a tube and I have been just cutting off a corner here and there. I'll lay it out and measure it and post back. Fred
  19. Peter, I think you'll find it's what you are looking for. It's a sheet of double sided mylar in an array of fishy colors with no adhesive. I bought some to make backing for home made eyes. Fred
  20. My linkPeter check this stuff out.
  21. You're not the only one Peterjay.... Murray Thanks Peter and Murray you are too kind.
  22. Great job , very creative . You should have saved this and sent it in for a magazine article. Fred
  23. Thanks Paul and Ben , much appreciated. Fred
  24. I'll do a step by step once I play with the pattern a little more . This was just my first attempt. Fred
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