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  1. Peter a way to get around those problems is an invitation only swap. Start by inviting someone that you think you would like to trade flies with, if he accepts he will get to invite someone and so on until the required number is met. Just a thought.
  2. My first question would be how old is the thread ? Even if it's fairly new test the strength of it apart from the bobbin. Then inspect your bobbin tip for any burs . 10/0 thread is pretty light , it could be that your time away from the vise has left you a little heavy handed. If the pattern you are tying will allow change to a larger thread and see if the problems continue. I hope this helps. Fred
  3. Great looking fly Ray. I always enjoy seeing your work. Fred
  4. Yeah Kirk, it's a single piece . I like to keep them bite size.
  5. My linkPeter take a look at this link. If these are the same or similar foam cylinders than a dremel tool is your best bet.
  6. Open flames tend to shrink or expand soft foams . A heating element such as a carterizing tool or soldering iron could be used to make gills or eye sockets and such. A knurled tool handle could be heated to make scale patterns on soft foam as well. You can probably come up with a few other applications after playing with them. Fred
  7. Happy birthday Paul . Have a great onr bro, I hope you can get on the the water today. Fred
  8. Nice Paul.I wish more people taught their kids to be good stewards of the outdoors . Glad to hear your getting to do some post surgery fishing. Fred
  9. I did'nt have the right hackle but I think this is a start . It just needs some tweeks .
  10. There are a few different techniques to get some of the defining charectoristics of this catapillar . Will you fish this as a dry or drowned pattern? Here's a link to a catapillar pattern that may have a technique or two that could help you. http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/2011/05/04/catapla-worm-fred-hannie/
  11. Thanks guys. Paul it should be ok to cast on a 7wt or 8wt , Provided it's fished naked. Meaming, the crab without the shell. I only fish nakedd at home.he he
  12. Thanks Dave and Piker20. Piker I donate to the FFF and some of the local clubs. Fred
  13. Although when I was a young boy, I use to fish with hermit crabs along the jetties on the coast for sheephead and redfish I had never thought of it as a viable fly rod pattern. After all we use to break their shells with a hammer and thread them on a hook. Not exactly a natural presentation. In any case I thought it would be a fun and challanging tie . Here are a couple of pics. The first is midway through the tie and the second is how it nows sits upon my tying desk. Thanks for looking, Fred
  14. Nice pattern . Those colors just pop!!
  15. Fred H.

    Moth ID

    This is the Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva punctella ) It is a ermine moth , menber of the yponomeutidae family. As A catapillar they feed on ailantus and paridise trees , thus the name. New York is part of their normal range. Fred
  16. Thanks for looking and taking the time to comment. This was a lot of fun to tie. Fred
  17. Thanks guys , this was one of those ties when everything went my way and the fly came out very close to what I was hoping for.Thanks again for the kind words. Fred
  18. Thanks guys. For some reason I like tying stinging insects that I'm alergic to.
  19. Here is a honey bee and a few shots of some of the components. Note that the abdomen was tied as an extended body . I have seen many fish rise to a drowned bee in the ponds near my bee hives . Fred
  20. Hey Paul ,wishing you a speedy recovery. Fred
  21. Very nice fly and great photos. Fred
  22. I must confess I have thought alot on this subject and have not come to a concise conclusion . I watched an underwater video of bass taking in and then expelling a crankbait being retrieved repeatedly without being hooked.The crankbait had two treble hooks and was in full retrieve. So maybe soft or hard does not matter as much as wether the fish really wants the fly or not. Fred
  23. Paul and Kirk thanks for the kind words. And no I'm not being modest when I say I don't want to be the next guy who's workshop is compared to yours. Peterjay is right about Fred Arbogast he was an inovator way before his time.Hula Popper ,Jitterbug ..etc.
  24. bigfoot, I used a soda can bottom for the lip. And chefben, you missed a really nice class and a great time.Kirk is a awesome instructor and put many ,many hours of preperation so that each participant had everything thing he or she needed to take a blank piece of balsa wood and turn it into foiled and painted popper . It was so well attended and got such good feedback I doubt it will be the last. And I for one would not be the one to do the next class and follow Kirk. Fred
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