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  1. Thanks guys , I'm sure this will be the first of many prototypes . I will tie some with and without tailing material in an effort to get the right action from it. Fred
  2. I attended a balsa wood workshop this weekend featuring Kirk Dietrich . It was a great workshop I learned a bunch. Afterward Kirk and I were talking about how effective a Jitter Bug was back in the day and wondered if a fly version would be as effective. So taking what I gleened from Kirk I came up with this.
  3. Thanks Johnny Utah , Piker20 and Paul.Using a ruler is a great way to keep your proportions correct.I'm hopping this will get the interest of what ever is cruising the grass lines. Fred
  4. The legs are Spanflex , simmilar to rubber legs but much better color choices. Sorry about the poor photo.
  5. I first found UV cured resins in the dental industry 20 years ago. It was touted as the next great thing, it failed horribly.The material used in denistry today is vastly improved. But don't think you are going to save any money buying this stuff. Any time the word "Dental " is out in front of any product the price soars.Try buying plaster and dental plaster. Both are gypsum just packaged differently. In a related subject .ie. tacky films of some materials. We found that coating the resin with sodium silicate would cause it to cure glossy and tack free. We were using preformed uncured resin dough not liquid form as most of these come.
  6. These are very much inspired by Bob Pop's surf candy . My varriation has lips for an added realism that some fishermen seem to like...(not sure if it makes a difference to the fish).But I'm just begining to visualize the possibilities with these materials. More to come as time permits. As for the resin , I'm using Diamond Hard by Deer Creek. It's by far the best I've used. It sets in just three seconds and your done. No tackiness , no whiping a film away and no need to add a top coat of something else.My link Kirk ,Email me and I'll bring you what colors you would like to try when I go to your workshop on the 28th. Fred
  7. I use Diamond Hard from Deer Creek .http://www.deercreek.co.uk/Diamond-Hard-UV-resin-kit.html It cures in three seconds and there is no residue . It cures smooth ,hard and clear.Here's what I've been using it on lately.
  8. The speed of this material allows you to add layers of colors and layers of different materials for all kinds of visual effects that might be too time consumming with epoxies. Also markers can be used between layers for detailing that wont scratch or wear off. Thanks for commenting. Fred
  9. The speed an ease of the new UV resins allows the tyer to get creative with materials.
  10. Danville's Flymaster waxed ,size 6/0 or 270 denier . If you have some markers the white thread can be made to fit most recipes for small to medium size flies.
  11. A 7wt will work for most reds . Although you can land large fish on even smaller rods I refrain from making a habit out of it because long prolonged fights tend to be harder on released fish. Have a great trip and post some pics. Fred
  12. Panfish are very prolific breeders and can overpopulate and become stunted if not controlled. Sunfish species such as bluegill and redear can spawn several times thru the spring and summer months each year. When I plan to keep panfish for a fish fry I will usually return any exceptional breeding stock (8in. Gill or better)back to the water . Here in the waters of La. I don't think it is possible for recreational fishing to adversely effect panfish populations . In fact reducing their numbers increases the ammount of food available to those that remain which will lead to a healthier ,more robust population.
  13. It may be crabs ,or it may be a toothy fish such as a spanish mackrel. Often a spanish mac will cut the line clean and quick and you will never feel it.The solution of course is a leader or shock tippet. This might help even if it is a crab. Fred
  14. I agree with the advice given above . I have noticed that in some paints the pigments are heavier than others and require vigerous mixing and extra coats to get full coverage. I have switched mediums with some colors because of this. Fred
  15. Very proud of you Steve . Keep it up brother.
  16. Thanks Bill , I've tied up half a dozen to try this weekend. If I can make it out on the water I'll post some picks of how they do. Fred
  17. Thanks Peterjay . Piker20 , the legs are 10lb test mono that have been heat kinked with a warm bodkin to make the bends,the ends are flattened with smooth tipped pliers. Capt Bob LeMay, I agree that the fly must preform like the live counterpart. This fly works well with floating line for sight fishing.Thanks for the comments. Kirk , I'll keep tweeking the pattern forever,I doubt I'll ever be satisfied. Thanks for the comments. Woodinfliezz and Paul, you guys are making me hungry.lol
  18. Trying to find the right colors to make a shrimp pattern resemble a live of fresh shrimp.
  19. I want 1. Hatches Mag. size Lg 1. FTF oceana size Lg 1. FTF navy blue size Lg Please send a paypal invoice to : [email protected] Thanks , Fred
  20. Kirk those are very nice. The overall job in every aspect is top notch. Fred
  21. I wanted to add this photo after the fact but could'nt figure it out.
  22. Watch this you tube video , it will show some of the things that led me believe there was a need for this pattern.
  23. Very nice Dron. Your flies are always very well thought out and constructed. Fred
  24. Very nice Ray . I always enjoy seeing your flies. Fred
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