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  1. new to fly tying and fly fishing, fly fishin for about 2 years, tying since about june, like a madman. you guys on this site really push me to make my patterns to look better. thanks for all those beautiful flies u tie, gives me something to look forword to. as for my age, im 15
  2. we got a nest of those big hosea's in a tree next to our house. they sow absolutely no aggresion to humans. i have walked up to one hanging out on a tree and touched its back-it didnt even mind! the fact that they drag them cicadas into their nests and lay eggs in their bodies give me the willies!
  3. id be interested, jsut need a menu, my first time buying like this, some info?
  4. hey j. johnson, can you by chance post a picture of your angora sucker spawn...im just curius of what it looks like in comparison to my sucker spawn tied fro angora. mine dont seem to look like sucker spawn. also, is your angora 3 ply?
  5. i voted the foam but i dont really tie egg patterns any more. instead, i tie all sucker spawn patterns which i seem to get more hook ups on because it gets stuck in their teeth and it is all on top of the hook. you can tie these in any color, made by the glo bug company. the fish dont seem to notice a difference between sucker spand and egg patterns, in my opinion, and you can also add a loop of a contrasting color like cerise or tangerine.
  6. is this swap still open?...or am i too late? i live in ohio and this sounds like a great idea-i would love to fill another spot maybe in round 2...got a lot of excess stuff i would love to trade for.
  7. i use mustad C49S, a caddis curved hook in sizes 10 through 16, but i've found long curved nymph hooks also tie very nice sucker spawns.
  8. i use sucker spawn for steelhead down here in ohio religiously. i mostly tie them out of that mini glo bug yarn, but i was wondering what variations you guys do to make them more effecive and what other materials you guys use to make them. thanks, maybe we could even make a "sucker spawn swap"...thats a mouthful!
  9. hey wickedcarpenter, would you mind sharing your recipe for those beadhead stones?...or even enter them in the database they are AWESOME, man!, love the egg pattern, too, and trout traveler, nice as usual. someone's gotta start another swap for winter steelhead soon, i never seem to get in on one.....
  10. how do u sign up for the rookie fly tying contest? im a rookie and i just joined this site...im fifteen and fish for steelhead so could someone point me in the right direction?
  11. i pretty much only steelhead fish and i carry around about 200-300 flies because thats how many fit in this side pouch i got and it looks really neat. i tend to give out a lot of flies to people on what they are hitting so i often carry around a bunch of my favorites, but mostly egg patterns, a plethora of sucker spawns, wooly buggers, and a large nymph section. ...P.S. J.Johnson, is that waterrfall at hogback ridge on the grand in ohio?
  12. hey where is that Grand River you were talking about that you hooked that nice brown? (what state)
  13. i love your site steelie junkie i go on it all the time for patterns...really excited about the upcoming steelhead season. i have been tying for smallmouth and im switching over to steelhead and im using your site to remember some patterns. thanks for the help
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