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  1. help with hooking? YES!! They are great hooks, I really like tying on them and tie many patterns on them.
  2. I dont really see the point of the bubble part...besides looking cool You could tie some huge buggers on like size 2 or 1/0 hooks. Basically any bass fly or saltwater fly that uses a bead head or weight you could add one of those in front. Also to try them, just slip one on the tippet before tying on any fly you want to use with the cones and then tie on the fly. You have an instant conehead. Be creative. Good luck!
  3. Leave most of the hook shank bare and only Palmer by the eye, or bead if you have a bead head, That way the tips only slightly go past the hook bend and it will not foul.
  4. Dr.Slick rotary hackle pliers. They work great and make parachutes a Breeze.
  5. I use The Tiemco 200R's and have had no problems, and they are much easier to obtain.
  6. I store mine in medium and large size plano storage boxes. They work well and you just buy more of them as you need. I currently have 2medium sized ones labeled for dries and Nymphs. and a Large size one for streamers. Label them, Dries, nymphs, streamers, whatever works for you and it will make finding that specific fly when it is time to restock a helluva lot easier if you have many boxes.
  7. Paint brush bristles would work just as well and you don't have to go into the womens section.
  8. I really like to use a product called flex-floss. You can just stretch it to make it a smaller diameter.
  9. Madsen's Game Warden!! Although, the answer was here the whole time, Just did some extensive googling with the last clue you gave and up comes a topic from none other than Flytyingforum stating what fly it is and a picture! http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...amp;mode=linear :hyst: :hyst: My first guess was indeed a guess though.
  10. Another thing that could be fun with a shadow box, put the old style flies in it, as well as your replicas. It could be fun to try and find close hook replicas and the materials. Make a game out of it.
  11. I think it would be cool to preserve them the way they are. They are like a small piece of fly fishing history. I would steam the flies to get them back into non-crushed shape, then put them in a shadow box with info on each of the flies. Good find
  12. I love the stuff! I really like to use it for a thorax on a PTN and pull out the the dubbing for long legs. (peacock color.)
  13. I use pheasant tail with a strip or two of Flashabou over it. Then put a drop of hard as nails, or epoxy. Hard as nails if i'm feeling lazy.
  14. At my Fly shop they have "extra select" Blood Marabou that would prolly be what your looking for, I believe its made by Hareline. You might wanna check that out.
  15. Just don't do a Google image search for the "sex dungeon" :bugeyes: :hyst: :hyst:
  16. Looks sweet, might have to go get one at the local home depot.
  17. I would just use latex and call it good, Can't see any advantages coming from spandex over latex.
  18. Problem?? Addiction?? I see no problem... (And if it is a problem then....I'm screwed!
  19. After Halloween all the stuff goes on sale,,, stock up on... Glow in the dark nail polish masks that are like chubaca or something with lots of craft fur on them for cheap Costumes for nymph backs (lifetime supply!) latex of masks for scuds and other things. Some crap to satisfy your sweet tooth All I can think of for now but when halloween is over go to your local stores and check it out! Lots more stuff than what I mentioned.
  20. On average: 2-5 minutes. But If im not familiar with the pattern around 8-10. Fancy streamers I spend up to 40 minutes on with all the different body parts, and perfect wraps.
  21. Well look who it is! Carpcrazy from FAOL This is flyandtie from FAOL haha! well i'll say it again..... NICE desk!
  22. AWESOME! Can't wait to order some from the fly shop now. I love the 17/0 trico from them, and am sure I will like this one even better. UNI rocks! Is it labeled baetis thread? there was a thread by uni called baetis which was 20/0 i believe.
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