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  1. No, I dont tye commercially. just had a couple of my patterns stolen from Facebook and adapted for commercial use
  2. After a fair amount of time livig without all you trout and fish bum I have decided to start tying for the forum again. Ill do a few swaps and bring some of my patterns out for your perusal. God knows a few have been plagiarized and bastardized enough as it is! Oh well I really dont care. Anyways, good to be back let the thread fly my friends!
  3. Heck if they fish they fish! I wouldn't be showing these at any expo or for presentation, but heck, fish 'em man!!! If you want a critique ok: Black ghost: Wings are sloppy and mismatched! When talking feather wings, I cannot stress QUALITY enough. You can tye a crappy fly with quality materials, but you will never tye a quality fly with crappy material. Your ribbing is ATROCIOUS!!!! Keep it evenly spaced all the way up the shank ( 5 wraps) beard is long, head is fat. Micke Finn: bodies aren't even, wing colors not clearly defined. You should see a yellow/red/yellow wing. Basically you want to be able to tye 6-12 flies where the last looks identical to the first. When you can do 24 identical flies you can say you've mastered the pattern, from there its up to you to use your personal taste, artistic flair and wallet to tye and design variants ans originals based on a pattern or style. Finally, fishing is what its all about so get out and git some!
  4. Well its taken me a bit of time to figure out what to say and explain my absence, First off I want to apologise, I screwed up, dropped the ball and theres no excuse, I should have followed through right off the bat and we wouldt be where we are today. The flies will go out tomorrow morning to everyone with the right address for Jim. I had a depressive episode for the last 2 months, was told I was going to lose the house we were renting and went into a funk, somehow in the packing I misplaced the box I had put the flies in . I did a search this weekend and located the box. Wish there was more to say but I;ll just say sorry and leave it at that.
  5. To say Im upset is putting it mildly. I can not believe it happened again! I have lost 3 sets of flies since the winter. There already is an outstanding investigation into the last issue I had. I went in to talk to them last week and got the cold shoulder. Like they were pissed that I was making waves! I cant even conceive of using the postal service for anything. From now on I will strictly be doing business with UPS and the UPS can go to hell!
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to give ya'll an update. I had been holding out because I havve had some materials ( Rainey's salmonfly bodies) on order for the last 2 months and thye have yet to appear. So my question to you guys is: Do you want me to send out my foam stimi-stone, instead of my cat puke special? I'll be getting them out into the mail by the end of next week.
  7. You should have seen the looky lou's at the East Idaho Fly Tying Expo! I was directly across from Poppy's Red Shed booth and there were tons of Steelhead guys pullin up chairs checkin out you guys flies, AWESOME!
  8. Two words: Flymph forum.
  9. Thats to bad, I think people are intimidated by the history and lore of these flies. I have Marty Howard and Dek Hogans DVD on Steelhead flies and its really not complicated and theres some great substitutes out there. You gotta think. a lot of the guys that developed these patterns were pacific northwest guys. Not rich, but sons of loggers and working families just like I am, There are some great patterns that don't cost much in material and work perfectly fine for what they are intended: CATCHIN FISH!
  10. will be able to start mine next week
  11. I got mine, PRetty cool! I like what i got saw, a lot of kick ass flies!
  12. My set showed up today, and boy howdy am I impressed! What a great set of flies! Just wanted to tell you gentleman that my blue meany is loaded with UV material for low light conditions, either early in the morning or late in the evening. That fly pulls em up from the bottom and out from cover like crazy! just be patient you'll get a lot of slashes and rolls with it. What's really awesome is the variation in color scheme and size, from SJO's kick ass mintruder (probably one of the first that will see the water) to Kevins Dlicious Orange and black. Don't think because I didn't name A fly tht I think less of ANY of them. In fact I am going to display them at my tying station at the Eastern Idaho Fly tying Expo this weekend. Just think guys, your flies will get seen by guys like Al Ritt, Steve Fernandez, Scott Sanchez, Mike Lawson, Marty Howard, Poppy Cummins, etc etc . Don't freak out, just smile and walk away boys, smile and walk away..........
  13. So, it turns out you are closer to me than I thought (for some reason I thought you were in eastern Idaho...). Maybe you can help me find a river with a giant stonefly hatch... Jimboha! Your mail box is full too! HEHEHEHEEH, Anywyas...I do live in Eastern Idaho. Im right on the banks of the Snake River, and about an hour from the Henry's fork. I will be coming over your way this summer to fish the X so we'll have to get together. The girls at fly fishing ventures all want me to come over and fish with them Who am I to argue?!?!?!?
  14. I'm thinkin all the flies are i and I will be divvying them up and gettin them out later this week or next. That'll give you guys dang near a month to find a stonefly hatch near you (if you have one) and use em. For those that don't have a salmonfly hatch, use em late summer as a hopper immitation. Anywyas, You guys really brought your A games this tye, Some really incredible flies are in my room right now and I can't wait to get em back to you guys and let you chuck em
  15. Ok, Ill mail another set out today via ups, i DONT TRUST THE po ANYMORE! Flies WILL go out tomorrow
  16. Well today was the due date, I've recieved 6 ot 7 packages so I will update ya'll later today and get to dispersing them out and back to you guys.
  17. Let me know if thye do not show by Monday and I will send a new set. I have plenty of them tied up and will opening a formal case with the postmaster this week. This is not the first nor second time this has happened.
  18. YUP. and how healthy is the great lakes trout fishery Riffle? Pretty darn healthy, Out west its a different story, maybe with a few exceptions. But in general the state of most fisheries out west suffer greatly by the catch and kill mentality.
  19. So how many large mouth bass do you keep and eat on a trip?
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