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  1. We fished St. Joe Monday - was so foggy the world seemed upside down at times :blink: ....Will do if I see a Blue Sterling....I have a yeller Maverick HPX tunnel. Tournies were fun but they took away from chasing poons and reds on the fly....I'm chasing poons this year :headbang:


    So is the swap open or closed?

  2. There are a number of saltwater lagoons in the area I live. Amongst the fish in them are Redfish, Trout, Flounder and the very rare Tarpon. But one species they do not lack is Mullet. Has anyone come up with a fly pattern they are willing to share that consistently fools Mullet. I figure catching some of these 2-3 pound fish on a 4 or 5 wt could be a fun way to spend some time - especially as for the most part it would be sight fishing.


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



    I tied a few flies from a European site - I cast it among 1000 mullet one day and they swam over, under and around the fly :wallbash:


    If you find one that works - please pass it along

  3. Only Turneffe fly I know of is the crab fly - I have tied a few - never tried them on anything though


    IPB Image


    Hook: #2-12 TMC 800S, Mustad 3407 or 34007.

    Thread: Uni-thread 6/0 to match body.

    Weight: 3/32" bead chain or mini non-toxic lead Lite Brite eyes.

    Body: Cream, tan, brown, olive, green, or dun gray Furry Foam.

    Legs: Round rubber mottled with Sanford marking pens (red tipped with green or brown mottling.

    Coral/Weed Guard: Natural deer hair.



  4. NIce job! How are you liking the EP "brushes"?





    I like them so far....The anadromus brush is a little longer than the shrimp brush, I will probably tie this fly with all anadromus brush next time.


    I started making the lil brush tool that was in Fly Tyer mag a month or so ago...gonna try twisting my own

  5. Here you go JJD


    I finally received my EP Shrimp Brush from saltwaterflies.com and couldn't stand not spinning a few up tonight. Basically a mangrove or psychedelic critter with a new coat on...I guess I could call it the "Hippy Critter" :P


    Note I didn't feel like making epoxy eyes so.....that is hair brush parts in those bugs :D


    Hook size is #2 Mustad 34007


    IPB Image


    IPB Image

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