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    Da Mud Bug

    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Chalk: Da Mud Bug
  2. Some may call it cheap or lazy....I call it innovative and frugal :whistle: What is it? Hmmmm....For a $1 and some change at walmart you can get 90 mono eyes that are straight and ready to be fastened to a fly from a revlon vent brush It amazing how you start looking at things when you start spinning feathers and hooks....Now I need to decide if I'm gonna make flies or brush my hair :dunno:
  3. Chalk

    Psychedelic Critter

    Mark, I stroke the pile (the estaz already on the hook) back towards the hook point, stroking the pile back keeps you from wrapping over the estaz as you palmer. Then I stroke the estaz (in your hand) back as I palmer it.... I pull the estaz with my index finger and thumb back with one hand and advance the estaz forward while pulling back....I follow with my index finger and thumb and let go when my fingers stretch out....in the video below my left hand is in the same position. Writing that makes it sound difficult but it's not. If you look at Borski's 2nd DVD he uses the same method for palmering feathers on the redfish slider. This video is an example of what I call stroking the pile only difference is I stroke back...then grab the estaz I am fixing to palmer and pull it back and follow it around and repeat as he does - A number 2 hook will probably look a little less buggy do to the hook being bigger. I hope that explains it and didn't confuse the heck out of ya :dunno:
  4. Chalk

    Psychedelic Critter

    Appreciate the compliments :thumbup: Another option to this one is to trim the estaz on top and bottom and make it look more like a toad. I'm gonna try some EP shrimp brush and Anadromous Brush on this one and see what it looks like...might become the hippy critter
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Chalk: Psychedelic Critter
  6. Chalk

    Spawning Shrimp

    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Chalk: Spawning Shrimp
  7. I store mine in a scrap book holder - How to make one - Scrapbook holder fly box For a travel box you can do this - Travel box
  8. Chalk

    Redfish Slider

    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Chalk: Redfish Slider
  9. The Redneck Riviera aka Panama City
  10. Thanks for the fly siesta :headbang: Got one with it today...should of had two, but I pulled the trigger to quick :wallbash:
  11. Chalk

    Spoon Fly

    Thanks 2phingers :headbang: ...I have been on redchaser before...but was reading about leaders :dunno: Here are some of the mylar type spoons I have tied
  12. Chalk

    Spoon Fly

    I done googled it...there is only one version like that and it is flat...I built two last night....Let me restate...I built two like epoxy and wire objects :-) Mainly trying to figure out how the epoxy was poured or spread I have built several spoons flies...interested in the wire and epoxy only variant
  13. I'm dying to know how this spoon fly is made...well mainly the epoxy pouring part...anyone know how to build these? I have come up with the wire and how to make a similar shape...Laying 5 minute epoxy in there proves to be a difficult task...I was wondering if glitter glue would work, then cover with epoxy for a final coat. Appreciate any info.
  14. Chalk

    Hawaiian Flies

    Juice - Hope your still going on your trip....You should check with the guys at Nervous Water Fly Shop in Oahu http://www.nervouswaterhawaii.com/ Really small place, but they have alot of flies and can help with a guide or places to fish....I was there back in May...No fishing, but I snorkled with some Bonefish :headbang: ..I will be in Oahu for three weeks in November...I hope to get to do some fly fishing this time
  15. Little John, hope you didn't already visit Panama City...West Bay and North Bay offer excellent sighting for redfish and trout. East bay can be great, but is subject to stained water, but fishable. Not many spots to productively wade, but if you have a boat I can point you in the right direction.
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