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  1. I can appreciate you're concern regarding eye and finger fatigue after tying a dozen of those! Nice tie mouse6196....What type of feather did you use for the wings as they are almost realistic with the dark highlights along the edges? I really like the look of those wings... rich5665; you have also submitted a great tie and I look forward to taunting some of our resident trout with that tender morsel !!! Thanks, Jerome
  2. THE PACKAGE JUST ARRIVED...... FANTASTIC TIES WITHIN.....AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!!! :yahoo: JUSTIN great idea for a SWAP; looking forward to your next one "SWAPMEISTER" :headbang: Thanks for hosting!!! : Jerome
  3. I wanna be your Huckleberry too... But I don't have the poker face Doc Holiday had. 12 Mile nailed it with his statement "Val killed that part" Definitely one of Kilmer's best performances! Pattern = TBD Due date 6 wks from receipt of 12th (final) Huckleberry; correct? Thanks, Jerome
  4. I'm in... TBD Jerome Sorry all! I miss counted the " I'm in(s) ". :wallbash: Hopefully catch the next one... Have a great SWAP!
  5. Congrats on your rewarding outing Shane! :headbang: Was that your opening weekend there in West Virginia or is flyfishing for trout open year round there? As our season here doesn"t open for another month... :wallbash: I envy you having the extra 30+ days and all the additional hook-ups!! :crying: In the meantime; best of luck on all your future outings...BROWN noser! :devil: Tight lines & Ties Jerome
  6. Archery, bird-watching, bowhunting, camping, canoeing, cycling, fly-tying/fishing, hiking, photograghy and woodworking/carving/turning have all been and in most cases still are passionate interests of mine. I have enjoyed a few more hobbies than I probably should have over the last 20 years (financially speaking) and given the recent economic downturn have had to curb/temper most of those interests; outside of those shared/spent with family. You have definitely Hit the nail on the head with that statement Ridleyffo...Time to put on the carpenter coveralls and awaken the inner Reno-man. Tight lines & ties. Jerome
  7. Great tie Shane! I'll definitely be trying my hand at tying some of those. Is that a size 10 or 12 - 3X long swimming nymph hook you used in creating that appetizer? You set the bar high with your first submission, well done... :headbang: Keep them coming. I can only hope to be so inspired someday. :crying: Tight lines & ties, Jerome
  8. Self-addressed small padded envelope inside next mid-sized padded envelope along with either old audio cassette jacket, or 3 1/2" C.D. jewel case depending on size of flies being swapped (ideal for nymph swaps). Have even had occasion to use a couple of empty labelled TIC-TAC containers which also remain well within the 20mm girth restriction inside the aforementioned envelopes. Postage for my package to Bentflyrod's X'mas 08 swap was $1.96 + Tax and was received 5 days later without declaration; return was 7 days after that...don't recall the cost of the US return postage ($3US forwarded). I normally ship 7-10 days prior to deadline to allow ample time for delivery within Canada and an additional 7-10 for International mailings. Hope these suggestions help expediate your swaps/mailings! Tight Lines & Ties Jerome
  9. Nice photos OLD HAT! Is that a modest sized garter snake making a meal out of that gobie(?) or are they normally that size there in Idaho? It appears to be a 2 1/2 to 3 footer judging by the first photo. We rarely see garters get that large/long here in Ontario; usually 1 1/2 to 2 feet. It appears to be more along the size of one of our local rat snake, milk snake or eastern hog nosed. Glad to see he's feeding on that invasive fish; we normally try to feed them to the gulls as we catch them up here... As for photo #3 BRRRR!!! :crazy: Hope you kept the hand warmer kindled and a thermos of hot coffee close at hand... I trust you fared well on that outing? :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing...Tight ties and lines. Jerome
  10. Here's a link to a step by step for the BEAD HEAD version of the HARE's EAR NYMPH: http://www.flyfisherman.com/Learn2Tie/hare...ymph/index.html Hopes it meets your needs! Tight Lines & Ties Jerome
  11. Addy; please Justin! Thanks for hosting! :headbang: Jerome
  12. Only to happy to welcome a fellow canuck! IAN. WELCOME You've just joined the best (Most Informative) Flytying Forum on the Internet... Second to none!!! As you'll soon learn while you browse the many forums/topics and converse with some of the very knowledgeable and inspirational people that make up this very educational site. The various SWAPS that are offered mustn't be overlooked either as they are an excellent avenue for honing one's newly learned or seasoned tying skills; sharing new patterns /techniques and making new friends along the way who share the same interests Enjoy! Jerome
  13. WELCOME Terje! (dryfly purist) :cheers: Thanks for joining us and sharing your wonderful photos. May the calm and beauty of your river continue to influence your fly tying and photography. Jerome
  14. AWESOME TIE! That's obviously a trout magnet if there ever was one!! Keep up the great work. :thumbsup: Tight Lines & Flies Jerome
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