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  1. Lynn - Great pics in what I would consider "accckkk!!!!!!!" conditions- white subject/snow/lots of sun on a clear day!!! #4 looks very nice , balanced/crisp and engaging . I get the sense the others have been "more" processed and in that pipeline have lost some snap/saturation and definition - though they are great behavioural images nonetheless. hope that helps cheers Will
  2. Winter is here - so I won't see open water again till late April/early May.. So the bugs in my tanks and playing at the vise has been the name of the game recently A Predacious Diving Beetle and an attempt at tying an Emerging Mayfly Will
  3. Fascinating images Jay:))) Keep up the creative play:)) Will
  4. I'm on a Nikon and use Raw exclusivly - for my own taste Capture NX outstrips all the other Raw convertors that can do Nikon .nef files. I finish them off in Picture Window Pro Image Editor which is fully 16 bit throughout so the output is very high quality. While PS is a tremendous prog it's very much overkill for many folks IMHO. I would tend to try doing conversions in the prog you have for a bit and get a handle on what you don't like about the workflow/output and then try some of the others so you have a better base for comparison. hope that helps Will
  5. Thanks for all the kind words- I'm glad you enjoyed the article and hopefully there was something in there usefull to your own fishing explorations. Will
  6. Thanks for the encouraging words folks - it really does mean a lot !!!!! Russ- LOL hmmms never thought of that:)) hmms wonder if they make waterproof printing paper - could save a lot of tying time:) Will
  7. Ty all I feel very honoured that Will #1 ( I'll be Will #2 )) chose to use the image and am looking forwrd to seeing the whole mag. looks like it will be a very valuable resource . I think Will #1 Mullis deserves all the major kudos we can pass his way!!!! for having the dedication/courage and passion to put this thing together , especially given the fact that the mag. industry is such a difficult arena these days. I really do hope folks support the mag. and we get to see many more:)) cheers Will
  8. Hi all Realized I have been absent a while , busy with holidays/renos/photography. Thought I'd share a few recent favs- and and most of my newer stuff is here since I've been concentrating on Entomology work if you care to peek- http://www.watersidemb.ca/phento1.html now I have to get caught up on all the posts !!!! Will
  9. Will Milne

    Ooo, a bug!

    Hi Maybe these recent pics I took will help There are a lot of variations in color/size depending upon what stage the adults are at. There are also a couple of different Hex species with variation between them. Male Hex Spinner- Female hex - and with a little transmitted light to accentuate the subtle colors- hope that helps Will
  10. I believe these are Heptageniidae ???? male and female . Two tails if that helps . Would love a positive ID if anyone has a suggestion .They have to be the prettiest mayflies I've seen in a while. The male- and the Female- cheers Will
  11. Glad you enjoyed the image- that one was approx 1 and 1/4 " long so yep a youngun. Will
  12. Hi Was out collecting on one of my local rivers and came across a lovely section of riffle/pool lined with dull orange stained rock/rubble/gravel. Probably not new to anyone else but me , but I was surprised that the P.dorsata or maybe P.pictetti nymphs were so heavily stained a lovely matching color, especially the gills. Wonder what other color variations there are to be found:) The quest begins. Will
  13. Congrats on the mag publication- methinks we have to address you as Mr Jay sir now:))) Great to see some well done warmwater FF'ing images , I abandoned trout fishing some time ago for the sheer all out simple fun of chasing everything else:) to bad it still seems a bit undersubscribed/marginal in the mags given the fact it is available to most everyone everywhere. Will
  14. Great looking light in the pair image:)) Nicely done Will
  15. Hi Was out collecting and caught a couple of these- Hemiptera-Belostomatidae( I think:)) - Giant Water Bug I've seen them here up to 3" long this one is a baby at around 1"- close up crop of the "beak" a sheathed impaling spine:)))))) and in different light- I'm soooooooo!!!!!!!!!! done swimming in that lake:)) Will
  16. Hi Ok not sure what I was thinking , but now I get what your aiming for. Had a three hour drive each way today to a bug collection site- here is what occured to me- bear in mind "some" coffee and a couple of cigars went into this:) I'll mock this up and take a pic- but basic idea - use a MC36 and rig it as a foot controlled remote.-Free hands etc etc Just needs a soft closed cell foam button the same diamater as the MC36 button, glued to the underside of a peice of plastic held in the appropriate place , so that when you gently tread on the plastic the shutter activates the mirror up, get hands etc etc etc in position- gently tread on the plastic plate again and presto - LOOK MA! NO HANDS SHUTTER RELEASE. Will
  17. Hi I use the MC-36 on my D200. Mirror Up hit the button once , wait --- hit the button again shutter fires. I can't see a pre set delay on the shutter fire being of value . Pretty much all the time I mirror up and wait for either wind or subject movement to cease before doing the shutter release. Kinda the point of mirror up shooting beyond waiting for the vibration to stop. I do use the timer settings on the MC 36 over the cam version simply because it is easier/faster via the MC 36 . I also use the MC36 when using my 300 mm f2.8 and PN11 extension tube setup for closeup work- it is easier to manual focus and fire via the remote than via the cam shutter button. Not sure what the MC 30 does I don't have one. Will
  18. Must agree the HDR has a nice feel to it. Will
  19. Was out on another now obsessive bug collecting forray last night and could'nt resist this- Will
  20. Hi Thanks all for the kind words re: the images. Roger - Many thanks for the ID !!! Will
  21. Ok- I just confirmed my phobia of snakes:) Looks like a great time was had by all. Will
  22. Hi I was wondering if anyone could offer an ID on this nymph . Manitoba Canada . and and here is a crop of the full size image file if that helps. Thanks Will
  23. Went collecting yesterday and found some big Dorsata Stonefly Nymphs. Woke up this morning and this fellow had crawled up the stick I left , hoping they might hatch in my storage tank. After 5 hours unfortunately this is as far as it got. Ok images illustrating the exoskeleton opening, but I wanted the whole sequence to adult/winged- oh well next time:)) and Will
  24. I pondered this as I was out collecting bugs today:)- DynauniaxialcalibrationKingguageidae I added the idae for those with a dual interest in entomology and fly tying. Alignment Tool with an explanation of "what" in theory is being aligned and "why that may be usefull" works for me Will:))
  25. As always - great images. No doubt your daughters won't soon forget that experience:) Will
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