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  1. Russ- Yep that was a little puff of flash with a 14 " long drinking straw snoot on it to "focus" the light. Straws are about 1" long http://lightingmods.blogspot.com/2007/06/d...rid-part-1.html Will
  2. a couple more for the pile:)- and Will
  3. Amazing !!!!!!!!!!! John:))) I suspect you could work that subject matter into a seriously nice Essay that many mags would be interested in Will
  4. Ty Ashby and Russ A couple more experiments trying to get some more subtle effects and some character/context and help/ctitique always welcome Will
  5. Russ Hope this helps. I too have been trying to work out some fly pattern lighting . White balance I leave on auto. I work with RAW files so the WB is easily set in the RAW converor if it is off a little. What I have found helps for me is to set up the main light and get it correct first- intensity/angle etc it really helps to check the histogram. Then add fill as needed by looking at the image on the camera LCD. then take away or add more light with the method Kargen suggests- black or white boards. Not a great image but here is the anatomy- the "table" is a translucent plastic panel with a peppled surface with the flat side up. Main light slightly to the left of the camera Silver reflector disc to the right to open up the face of the popper and add some fill and contour. Fill light under the panel to open up the shadows. Black card held over and behind the fly to get that fade to black background look. I think the big thing is add one element at a time and look at the result then add the next as needed. It is very easy to get too ambitious and lose track of what needs adjustment otherwise. With this type of photography you are building light/feel etc one element at time. Hope that helps. Keep it going and share your results , I'm sure folks will be glad to help. Will
  6. There goes sales of Bush-Hawks to urbanites:)) Will
  7. Graham- As far as I know the only swing/tilt lens Nikon makes is an 85mm , the wider ones atre tilt only I believe. I hav'nt had a chance to play with that lens , pretty pricey for my budget.- if it has suffient swings and tilts it may well work as well, though pretty expensive. I used to do large format work ( 4x5) and manipulating the DOF with swings and tilts of both the film plane and lens plane was a great advantage. I think the stacking software concept came out of the even more DOF chalanged world of photomicrography. Will
  8. Nice patterns Russ and Graham!! John is very correct on the minimal DOF at macro level. xcuse the crappy lighting etc- Russ- here is a stacked DOF set The pattern is about 3/4" long and set at an angle of about 30 degs to the cam, to try and illustrate the technique. There are 7 images in the stack. Here is #1- here is #3 in the sequence of moving the focus INTO the frame from front to back, focus is around the middle of the body now- here is #7, focus is at the end of the tail now- here is stacked set with the focus from the front to the tip of the tail- Something else to bear in mind is that you will lose a lot of detail when you downsize the images, so in part your sense of lack of sharpness may be , in part due to that as well. here is a 100% crop of the front part of the stacked dof image to show how much is actually in that image at its full size- The program I use for the stacking is called Helicon focus. There is a downside with the technique that requeries some tweaking in the program. There can be ever so slight ghosting when you do it on such a plain background as this one, but it is however minimal and easily corrected. Hope something in all that makes sense and helps Will
  9. A couple more pics - wow that white board in the first pics sure kicked up a lot of light from the flash - thought I would try a white pattern ( it's hard to hang on to those details) -- on a piece of slate with the same flash setup- looks a bit flat and cold to me - so I added a gold reflector disc behind the pattern (off to the left) to kick some light back onto the background and the rear of the pattern as well as add some "warmth" same pattern on black polished acrylic - wish I knew where I was going with this , journey is fun though:)) Will
  10. Graham You sure do know these birds well- great pics- I know I should'nt humanize them- but the yawning Pelican is great. I can't help but think the little redeyed fellow in #2 is thinking " oh my I can't beleive my luck, I finally caught one BUT now what????" )) Will
  11. Ty Ashby- I learn a lot in here myself:) Will
  12. Yike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What on earth type of flies was he using? Will
  13. Ty Russ Your perceptions re- the clinical look is dead on as well as the distinction between a "how to/descriptive " image and a "look at me " image. I would like to find a nice way to do both. Glad you liked the lighting - I think as a base setup it can be built on -- adding context/drama to the pattern as needed- set dressing if you will. Depth of field )- tis interesting you mention that- I will post some images with these patterns with full depth of field- via Z depth software stacking ( same as pano stitching but going into the image rather than across) Funnily enough I find the effect very artificial ,though very illustrative ,but maybe there is a point in between full dof and basic out of the camera dof that works. The shadows are from the lighting , not post processing The background was a white board - so lighting and exposure was done to make sure it stayed white. Post processing was simple levels/white balance/sharpening Will
  14. Ty all for the encouragement- Graham- by "product look" I meant catalog/advertising/soft even lighting. It is all more an experiment to get some studio lighting techniques in the toolbox. I too like and prefer to see patterns in some kind of context, maybe I will add some of that flavour once the lighting is more under control. I hear you on the seeing work in print/marketing . Not much control over what happens once you send it off and sign that usage paper:). One of the first times I had work published in a fly fishing mag. I was asked for two specific images and in Raw if I had them. One I had in Raw the other in jpeg (though it was marginal as an image IMHO). One was for a double page spread the other a 1/4 page. Silly me:))) I thought np. they are going to use the Raw as the double page and the jpeg as the 1/4. Thinks me they will tweak and output the Raw for publication as a double page and use the jpeg as is , and at 1/4 page it will be fine .Cool should look good/ok. Aieeeeeeeeeee! they double paged and up-ressed the jpeg and used the Raw as a 1/4 page - sigh!!!. Needless to say the double page looked like cr***p and the Raw was just wasted IMHO. I did get paid but there was a lesson in all that. Don't assume the art director is as sensitive to photographic concerns as you are. You are very right images are sales/helper tools , it's a fly fishing mag. not a photography mag.)) Images for the most part are there to illustrate the text and that is why they are bought/published . All that said , I have also been very pleased with how other images have re-produced in print elsewhere. <back to trying to make my patterns look like Vogue ads-lol Will
  15. Been playing around with some simple flash setups for pattern photography. Not totally there yet , I,m trying to get a nice "product" style look and get away from the "side-on" look , any suggestions welcome excuse the tying , a couple from the fishing flies box to play with the lighting. and Will
  16. Great Views:)- I particularly like the second one. It feels like I am about to hike down and fish:) cheers Will
  17. Ty for the encouraging words:)) Ahh Winter:)) It's funny I came to Canada in 1977 from Scotland- swapped rain and fog winters for snow and a redefined version of COLD!!!! Many of those intervening years have been spent working outdoors 12 months of the year. Though now I go out there for fun not profit:). For the past 20 years I have made a pilgrimage to a spot about 2 hours south and west of here during the first week of every new year to catch the dawn. The area is an ancient beach of a lake that once covered much of the Canadian Prairies. Sand dunes as far as the eye can see. There is a remarkable sense of the exotic standing watching the sun rise over snow topped sand dunes in January when it's -35 . Perhaps the best part is heading to the local truck stop for pancakes/bacon/eggs/toast and coffee after the fact:). Tis is a nice way to start the year and a nice reminder that wherever you are and whatever the climate - if you embrace it for what it is- it gives back in spades:)) Will
  18. Ty all- it is a long winter here so I'll probably be boring you with ice and snow for months:))) John lol @ looking forward to ....-30 C - we share the same perversion:)) I live on a small river with a good riparian zone in the heart of Winnipeg- little bit of country in the city. Lots of deer/foxes etc. Saw a Snowy last week and Horned Owls are fairly common as well as Great Greys, I,ve just never thought about photographing them till now. See what your bird pics have done!!))) Any tips?? Blinds/Baits/?????? Will
  19. Hi If you have a solid investment in Nikon lenses - you may want to consider buying a new digital body- many of the Nikon dslr bodies support the use ( sometimes 100 % sometimes with a few concessions) all the way back to the 70,s. Might be a better long term investment/solution versus repairing and continuing on with an FG. Probably not the answer you wanted:) but hope it helps in the long run:) Will
  20. Ty Graham and Scud! Scud I am in Manitoba Canada. Will
  21. Been waiting for the first ice to start up here- I love winter ( maybe because it lasts till May and I have little choice but to embrace it:)) suggestions for improvements always welcome:) Will
  22. Welcome back - looks like a refreshing trip:) Great look fish images and specimens. Will
  23. Hi Great stuff and very good idea. I hope I am not crossing a line , but thought I would mention . I would drop the "drop shadow" . Your work is very well shot/processed/considered , I feel the effect is distracting from that. The images are strong enough without any need for embellishment:))) Also in that regard , had you considered a neutral grey background instead of white, I find the white tends to "flatten" images and a neutral grey, supports the images better? hope that helps Will
  24. WTG!! Looking forward to seeing images and immpressions off the new cam:))) I,ve been thinking about a second cam body or maybe a lens/approach dedicated new and using my current as a secodary. My primary focus is macro and landscape with a D200. I find when I go out I either take my 12-24 or 105 macro , or I take my 300 f2.8 for long lens landscape work. What woud be nice is a second body so I have a body dedicated to the 300 f 2.8. I just picked up a TC-301- 2x converter for the 300- so it can be a 600 f5.6 if need be. Not sure why but I seem to have a separation betwen the macro/wide and the long lens work, so a discreet rig would be handy. Leave one at home , without shuffling gear before heading out. Hence the desire/percieved need for a second body. It would probably be hooked to the 300/TC-301 /600 mm with the d300 so ... I,m curious on your take versus picking up a second d200 body. The long lens stuff is,nt wildlife orientated, but landscape orientated as perverse as that may seem:))) Will
  25. Congrats on the new lens:)) OK where are the pics:))) I have always found this site - http://www.photozone.de/8Reviews/index.html a good starting point for simple/pertinent info. without the drama and agenda of Rockwells take:)) Will
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