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  1. WB Bud!!!!! good to see you tying again!! Keith
  2. Great work Andy and very nice to meet you!!! Keith
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the nice words!!! I am working on a fly right now more for application purposes then anything. I will post when I get this one done. Thanks again, Keith
  4. I love the body on this one and the fact you tyed this one in hand is amazing to me!!! Keith
  5. That is a real nice tye Bob!!! I really like the body work you did on this one, NICE job :bugeyes: :headbang:
  6. Nice spey!! I know that would do great on the steelies around here!!! Keith
  7. I like my regal vise, its all I have ever known...... was actually a gift from my Gram when I was about 14 years old for Christmas 1 year. I can't even imagine how many flies I have tied on that thing, I have tied them down to a size 28 on it. Never did anything larger then a 4.0 yet so I don't know if it will hold um or not. I can vouch for it never breaking or getting worn out, has served me well. Keith
  8. Nice Job I like the red feather and a nice head too :headbang: :headbang:
  9. Very cool Bob!!! I like the way you did the crests. Keith
  10. Hi, Getting tired of tying these, I ordered some new materials and got my tinsel and feather fix so you will be seeing different things from me in the future. Thanks again!!!!! Keith
  11. We support you 100% and your courage in sharing your personal thoughts with us. Your flies are awesome and show so much beauty in your creativity and artistic ability. You keep tying because we all enjoy seeing what you have come up with. We look forward to seeing what's next! Keith and Suzanne
  12. Mr Gotz, You Da Man!!!! Very Sweet!!!! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: Keith
  13. Mr Gotz, About some time around October 07 for me. Keith
  14. Luke, I think that is the best one of yours yet!!!! They fly is great and very creative, good job!!!! Keith
  15. Fantastic Dave!!! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: Thank you Keith
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