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  1. Nice job Flounder, I like the hook you used!!!! :bugeyes: Keith
  2. Nice Job Jamie!!! talk about a crowded head that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROOF ROOF ROOF :headbang: :headbang: Keith
  3. Derek will be in our prayers as well. Get well soon, Keith and Suzanne
  4. Hi Leigh, I will tell you how I did mine; I have been fighting with roof and how to do it for a few months now. I am new at all of this and it never clicked for me until one frustrating evening, I am probably not doing it right either LOL!!! I stood in front of Charlie for about 4 hours or so at Somerset, and figured I would give his way a try. The key I found that worked for me is, I tie in each slip one at a time so both meet together at the tie in point, that was key. I tie them in on each side of the wing; I then grabbed both tips of the mallard and pulled them straight up in the air. I rocked them back and fourth front to back a little and then bowed them pushing from the tips to the front of the fly to get them to lock together. Next they were married, then I laid them down over top of the wing, gave um a few rubs and there it was. The other trick I found was, find the flank with the most curves and give them some hump also. I also noticed that some of the feathers just didn't want to go together either, I tried a few different ones before they would work together with each other. I hope this helps out. Keith
  5. Thats awesome Bud!!! and I am sure he will agree!!! Keith
  6. Nice job Mike I love the hackle and how you tied the topping and tail, great fly!!!! Keith
  7. Jamie, Really nice, a few steelies and now your a tying machine!!!! Keith
  8. Very cool Jamie!! I like the wing and the tail, nice flow. Keith
  9. I think you did a great job for the first one!!! things such as the ribbing will come to you with more practice over time. Cant wait to see the next one!!! Keith
  10. Hi, I agree with mark the ribbing was done very well and maybe some kind of red as a topping over the tail would have off set it. I would suggest a smaller head about 1/2 the size, if you retie it please post so we can see :bugeyes: doing a fine job!!! Keith
  11. I'm working on it I swear LOL!!! if I miss out maybe Bud will let me sleep on his floor LOL!! Keith
  12. Hey Bud, I thought you were going to tell us you shot a "crow" and pictures to prove it LOL!! Keith
  13. Hi Rocky, I think it looks great!!! I don't know much about full feather wings, the only 2 things that caught my eye is I think your tail is too long which may have caused your topping to set up higher. One other thing is I like the herl to be thick depending on the hook size 5-7 wraps but you may like it sparse. Nice job on the wings and head!!! I think your making great improvement!!!! I look forward to seeing your next one!!! Keith
  14. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions!!! You would have never guessed I would be so picky! LOL!! the wing started out great but towards the end it split, I think when I was working on the roof so I licked my finger tips to put it back together and it gave it that "pointy" look, by this time I wanted it out of my vise, I almost chopped it right then and there LOL!! I was aiming for a low JC I wanted to see what the over all look would be that way. Jamie you were right about the hook type and size. Another reason for the low JC was the large roof; I got the hang of the roof and kind of got carried away with it I then lowered the jc so I could lower the wood duck. I think the style of hook threw me off with the hackle; I was trying to balance the over all look of the fly from where the topping would be to the bottom of the fly. I’m going to have another run at one with this hook style and see what shorter hackle and maybe narrower wing will do. Matt I thought that was my problem coming back on the wing tie in point with the thread. Just wanted to give you guys an idea where I was coming from on this one. Thanks again for all your suggestions and help, I do appreciate it. Keith
  15. Looks great!!! I love the body work and the wing as well. Keith
  16. Hi, Here is another highlander. I am not happy with the wing or under wing at all. Finally got the hang of tying on a roof. The body worked out good, and a thick throat I was aiming for as well. I ran into issues with barb length for the wing and when I was adjusting the wing tips I learned not to wet them!!! I wanted this out of my vice towards the end, I forgot the horns LOL!!! I figured I would post for suggestions. Thanks, Keith
  17. Dave, Very cool fly!! I love the design and everything about it . Keith
  18. Very nice Matt they will make sweet gifts!!! Keith
  19. Whats in the box Mark?? Keith Hmmmmm I think you have enough hooks so it cant be that LOL!!!
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