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  1. I have a question??? I stood in front of Charlie Chute at Somerset for 5 hours and watched him work on a green highlander. I am working on another Green Highlander myself; I want to tie them in a few different ways. My question is about tippets, I am use to doing the "z" thing to get over any humps made by body taper or throat hackle. I have become good at this way of mounting the tippets but I don't believe Charlie did this and I can't remember exactly what he did. His tippets still stayed flush to the body of the fly, he flattened out the rachis with tweezers maybe curved them a little but there was no "z". Are there other ways of mounting the tippets quicker and still stay flush?? I was thinking mount them before you do the throat possibly?? Any suggestions or lessons would be appreciated :)




  2. I have wondered about that as well. I am right handed and I feel I am doing the ribbing backwards on the fly. I was winding the ribs as shown in pictures. I grew up tying trout and steelhead flies and I always was rib going under the body and not start wrapping over the body, if that makes sense. I just starting doing it opposite tying salmon flies.




  3. Hi Jamie,


    I really like it Jamie, the fly has great flow to it. I can see how you got inspired by the lake erie tribs. You will have to go to the lake ontario tribs and get inspired to tie a big nasty LOL!!! Really that fly is beautiful, nice job!!!!




    Who did you borrow that steelie from to take that picture?? J/K LOL!!



  4. Ok,


    First off is someone knows a place where I can buy magic mallard for my roofs let me know LOL!!!!! At least I have a somewhat of a roof on the fly this time; I think im getting that figured out. As for the wing, excuse the red I don't know what I thought I was reading, I blame that on being awake in the middle of the night LOL!! BTW this one was tied on a 3/0 I think it would have been easier on a larger hook but I own up to an agreement I made with flounder a while back. I think the sides could have been more, the wood duck that is. Any comments or suggestions I would appreciate!!!


    Thanks again,




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