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  1. Now that is a cool pattern, the steelies would like that one too mark but its too nice to fish with!!!! is that an old fly or did you just tie that one up?? Keith What size hook??
  2. Thanks Matt, I thought they should cross at the tips just over the topping but I was not sure. Keith
  3. Hi, I am finishing up a Green Highlander and I am to the point of the horns. Just wondering is there any certain way I should mount them or display them?? I am looking at a picture of the one in Mike's book, seems to show the yellow side out. I wanted to ask before I finish the fly and post it. Thanks, Keith
  4. Very nice Bud I am glad you kept that one!!! Keith
  5. Too funny Bud!!!! LOL!!! just wondering do they crate it when they ship it?? LOL!!! :hyst: :hyst:
  6. Nice Mark, I know the steelies would like it here!!! Keith
  7. I know one thing mark!!! this fly would catch some nice steelies in my neck of the woods!!! Keith
  8. If my hands were not full of feathers the whole weekend I would have been able to get better pictures LOL!!! Hope everyone likes um!!! Keith
  9. Nice progress!!! I bet John told you to make the wing first and use as your template?? that will help with the long tail. I did the same when I started a few months back, you picked a bugger to start out with but keep pluggin away and you will get what you put into it. If you need any help just pm me. Keith
  10. Dave, Nice job!!! the tippets look perfect! Keith
  11. Hey Bud, I think this was one of the best things posted here. Just changes your train of thought when things are not going right and we are getting frustrated with what ever we are involved in. Opens your eyes to how lucky we are to be here in this country doing what we do by choice and freedom that goes with the choices we make. I think that was a great post and I am glad I did not miss that one, thats again!!! Keith
  12. Hey Flounder, I think you did a great job!!! It was nice to meet you in person at Somerset!!! Just on question, did you have any little ones sitting on your lap while you tied this one?? Keith
  13. Smooth as glass dave!!! I like it!! Keith
  14. Bud I found my mouth hanging open again LOL!!! that is SWEET!!!! As always Keith
  15. Hi Jamie, I think your fly looks great!!! If that happened to me, I mean when that will happen to me LOL!!! I will have to be looking for my vise along with the feathers!! :wallbash: I can't wait to see your next fly!!! Keith
  16. Hi Steve, I think what you said is a great idea!!!! Anything that would help our troops out I am all for it!!!! Keith
  17. I think she is doing a great job!!!!! You better catch up to her Dad LOL!!!! Keith
  18. Hey Mark , Thats a fine picture of you and your wife!!! I wished we could have got to see you guys strap some feathers on those hooks, maybe next year. I am going to post some pictures just been busy with work. Also going to email the bunch to Royce probably on Friday. Talk to ya soon, Keith
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