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  1. I like the subtle colors. I just got hold of a hen pheasant, I'll look for the soft hackle feathers you used. Nice fly. Nice tying job.
  2. Willowhead, Not sure when we'll be in MT but if I am there during the months you mentioned I'll let you know. John
  3. The fly is named "Salar's Nemisis"(sp). He tied the fly in Scotland and landed a salmon on it. It is a pretty little soft hackle. Yes the hackle is a GP body feather. The book is a fun read, I just got a copy off of eBay. I am going to be in MT this summer, I was thinking of trying to get in touch with Mr. Nemes and ask if he would like to go wet a line.
  4. That thing is HOT! I wanna tie two so I can fish one of them.
  5. Your Dee flies are a real treat to look at. The colors on this fly are subtle and enticing. I also liked the Gardner, I think, that you tied earlier. The link was messed up and so I did not comment.
  6. Funky, I have never seen a rib like that. I like it.
  7. In that situation for me I tie off the bulky stuff like tinsel and stems on the underside of the hook. That way the top of the hook is free of debris and clear for wings and stuff.
  8. Nice colors and a good selection to chose from your winter box. Do you have any recipies or are they just off the cuff. If so, good cuff work.
  9. The contrast is great, I think it would drive a fish or two crazy.
  10. I think that there are some nice steelhead in Oregon that would like to tangle with this beauty.
  11. The body and rib are great.
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