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  1. I need to let you guys know what is going on! I am a board member for our CCA chapter and my local fly club. WWW.4thcornerfly.com We have been reorganizing and expanding at an enormous rate. We are also expanding our internal and external outreach. You can download our newsletter from the website and see what is happening. Our last auction had about 55 attendees, this year we are looking at 95. It has taken a major amount of my time to help make this happen. I also had a bunch of personal projects running at the same time. In the next 2 weeks most of these will be finished and I can catch up with the swap. If you can hold until then I will be glad to add some extras to cover the delays I have caused.



    Frank aka Student4evr

  2. Time may be our invention to keep everything from happening at once, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. The nymphs will be in the mail today. I have been developing a new damsel pattern and I am sending the developmental stages. So they are slightly different from each other. But so far they fish like them!



  3. The monsters have entered the mail! It took a little longer than I planned but the package went out yesterday! I left it as a 2 hook pattern. If I wanted to do a single hook I would tie it with the size 14 hook in front. The connection is made with fire line.


    Hooks: 12/14 2xl nymph hook

    Thread: (in back 6/0 olive) Finish 6/0 Black

    Tail: Olive Marabou and Olive crystal flash

    Bodies: 5 strands of peacock with 3 strands of olive crystal flash twisted into a rope.

    Hackle at the end of the 2nd body and at the front of the first: Pheasant windowpane feathers palmered.


    I can see several lakes here and over the border where this pattern could be great at sundown!! or later!!

    Thanks for hosting:


    Frank aka Student4evr


    The "bug"?



  4. Way to go Freak!!!

    Mine got into the mail yesterday.


    AuSable Bomber:

    Hook: Tiemco 5212

    Thread: 8/0 Hot orange

    Tail: Fox Squirrel guard hairs

    Body: Dubbing blend- march brown, mahogany and fox squirrel underfur

    Wing: Calf tail

    Hackle: Brown and Grizzly


    This was another one of those swaps that will change my fly boxes. I can see a bunch of Fran Better type patterns showing up in my small stream offerings.

    Great Swap Michael!!!

    Frank aka Student4evr


    Here is the bug:


  5. In one of my last swaps the post office returned my Altoids box with the flies I sent. The damaged envelope went on to the swapmeister, empty!! The glue at the bottom failed. I just send the postage and an address label in the can and recycle the envelope. So they opened the can, found the label, and used the postage to send it back. They even used their own envelope. I just sent another package with extra reinforcement and we were good to go. Whoever sent them back saved me a lot of time, the pattern took about 15 minutes to tie!


    By the way here is what I sent:


    Frank aka Student4evr




  6. That sucks!! This is the first time I've had a package emptied. (I have been in about 150 swaps.) Unless the envelope was torn open It had to be deliberate because I tape all the flaps closed and this was a new envelope.

    The bugs took about 15 min each to tie. I wouldn't be able to get them replaced by Monday. I probably could get them in the mail by then. It seems whether they will actually get there is another matter.



    Here is what I sent







    So I guess it is up to you where we go from here.



  7. I will be honest, the primary reason I have joined so many swaps is it forces me to tie a lot of different patterns and I learn a lot about materials and techniques. I also get to share patterns that I know from other tiers. I am a firm believer in that it takes dozens of repetitions of the same pattern to get it right. I start with larger sizes to get the proportions and the techniques worked out. Then I go small. However there is always that but. Adjustments must be made for size, availability and the time frame. It is some what addictive to put yourself on the “hook” to tie patterns for those whom you really don’t know. But you do get to know a bunch of great folks along the way!!!!!


    Frank aka Student4evr

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