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  1. I like big flies, but whats the due date? Student4evr
  2. I could use more work!!! I'm in. Frank aka Student4evr
  3. I'm done tying but I'm not done cutting! I got into this pattern last year and it is a killer! The first time I used it was on Chopaka lake in Eastern Washington. I thought I was in a bass tournament!!!!! I'd cast just off some reeds and you could see the fish coming for it for 5-6 feet! the reeds bent and the trout just blew it up in the air. :headbang: They hit it on top, in the film, 6"s down. 12' down, .....to the bottom. I don't know what they really think it is but they sure want to eat it!!!!! :thumbup: And I do want to point out that it is really 4 wraps! This is before they get their hair cuts. Enjoy Frank aka Student4evr
  4. Great Job Guys!!! :thumbup: I was really impressed with they quality of the ties. This is one of the better swaps I have joined. And since everyone tied on very similar hooks this collection screams Shadow Box!!!. Frank Aka Student4evr
  5. I have found that the metal tins from Celestial Seasonings Tea are just the ticket. They come in at 11/16" or a little less. The look like the ubiquitous Altoids tin. . I have a couple that have crossed the border a number of times. Frank aka Student4evr
  6. #7 Parachute Adams Frank aka Student4evr
  7. Everything hit the mail this morning. The first one is what I tied for the swap. The other 2 are extras foe Devin. Thanks guys Frank aka Student4evr
  8. The flies are done!! But I realized that I don't have an ADDY!! :wallbash: If someone could send it, I will get these on their way. Talk about all dressed up and no place to go. Frank aka Student4evr
  9. I am always good for some soft-hackles. I'm in. Frank aka Student4evr
  10. I have finally caught up. If you want to wait, I will have the flies in the mail no later than Saturday morning. It has taken me a bit longer to recover than I thought. Frank aka Student4evr
  11. An update! I put the flies in the mail on Yesterday. Thanks for your patience. I thinks you find both patterns are keepers. Frank aka Student4evr
  12. Now that I'm back in the land of the living, count me in. Frank aka Student4evr
  13. Just to bring you up to speed. I will mail on Saturday. Could you send me your addy Thanks Frank
  14. Just to bring you up to speed. Flesh flies are done Should have the muddler out in a couple of days. and they will be off. Frank aka Student4evr.
  15. The Bugs are Done, The Bugs are Done. :ban: :ban: Just putting the last coat on. I have to pack them and they should be out tomorrow. Thanks guys for all your patience. Frank
  16. I have been playing catch up for a couple weeks, I caught a really nasty bug. But my flies will hit the mail today. Frank still a Student4evr
  17. I have an update and it is not a good one. This month has been pretty rough!!! I picked up a bug just before New Years and so far I have been laid up over 2 weeks. Yesterday was the first time I have been up for more than a couple of minutes since the 8th. I think I am around the corner but it is still going to take a couple of days to get back anywhere near normal. I have a lot of catch up on a lot of projects. I am not sure I can get everything done by the end of the month. Frank aka Stident4evr
  18. I have to bring you guys up to date on my progress with the swap. I have almost all of them tied, but since the first of the year I have had only about 6 days where LI have not been fighting a particularly nasty bug. Today is the first day I have been up since early on the 8th. I' not sure how much time I can devote to the rest over the next couple of days to finish this. So it might be better if you complete the swap without me. Frank aka Student4evr
  19. Just to give us all a little something to shoot for... I was fortunate enough to out bid everyone at a fund-raising auction for a fly tied by Bud Guidry. He can be found at many places on the Flytyingforum. This is tied on a custom made 6/0 iron. A shipwright I know made the frame out of a single piece of cocabola to match the wing. The fly is about 4" long. To get some idea of Bud's talent check out the following: FeathersMC Daily Fly Paper Flyfishonline Frank aka Syudent4evr
  20. Mine got here a couple of days ago...Great job. I will have to noodle a bunch of these out so I can tie them as well. Frank aka Student4evr
  21. John and everyone else. I know that time is getting short so I thought I would give you a progress report. I finally got all my materials and have had some time to make enough mistakes :wallbash: and build a big pile of debris below my vice. Its amazing how difficult it gets when you work on a simple pattern and have to nail all the proportions and everything shows!! And things are starting to come together!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Attached is the current version of the fly. (And yes I did get the wrong side out on the tinsel... but things were just going so well I just couldn't pick up the razor blade!) By the way these are on size 8's. I also want to thank Don Bastion for some advice. I ran into a problem, shot him an e-mail and it took about an hour to get worked out! Is this a great forum or what??? Any way to make a long story short, I will have the flies in the mail by the end of the week. So John, Addy please! Thanks Frank aka Student4evr
  22. Mine have arrived! Great set! Have a great new Year!!! Frank aka..STD4evr
  23. Randal... You got me. I'm in Frank
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