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  1. I just got back into town and got the Addy. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow. Frank aka Student4evr
  2. Rockworm has asked me to join! :thumbup: How can I say no! I will be reaching out with the fickle finger today for another Tyer! Thanks this is going to be great. Frank aka Student4evr
  3. No reason to wait send me an addy please. Frank aka Student4evr
  4. Been Here! Done this! Wana do it again!!! I' your XXXXXXXXXXX Frank aka Student4evr
  5. I have been out for a couple of days. And I am very happy to accept the invitation. Frank aka Student4evr. :yahoo: My invitation is on the way.
  6. I haven't been in in a while so put me down. Frank aka Student4evr
  7. Mine arrived today as well!! Good job everyone! Thanks Chris Frank aka Student4evr
  8. I wonder what is happening? I got my flies off at the deadline and sent Chris an e-mail. I have not heard back yet. Frank aka Student4evr
  9. I want to thank all of you in this swap. Your patience has helped me get through a rough time. Tying has always been a way to relax me and dial it down when thing get sketchy. I express mailed your flies today. They should be at the swapmeister's on Wednesday. Thanks again. Frank aka Student4evr my Hopper /Dropper patterns are: Hopper: FH1 and Dropper: Skinny Nelson
  10. Mine came back in the mail ?! I got the address wrong. I will overnight them on Monday. I am really sorry about the delay. Frank
  11. I want to thank you all for your patience. In addition to the family stuff my wife is involved in spill responce so she is now back for the second tour down in the gulf. I should have the bugs in the mail by Saturday. Frank aka Student4evr
  12. I will be back late Sunday and will get the flies off early next week. Thanks for your understanding. My brother has been fighting cancer for a couple of years . I was planning on seeing him in a couple of weeks but his condition deteriorated rapidly and he was gone. Fortunately i was able to spend a lot of time with him during that period and I have no regrets. Frank aka Student4evr
  13. Things are going to get pushed back. My older brother just passed away today and I am going back to Minnesota to be with my family. If it is OK I will get the bugs off ASAP. Frank aka Student4evr
  14. I will try to get the flies in tomorrow. My older brother just passed yesterday and I am going back to Minnesota to be with my family. I will get them off asap. Frank aka Student4evr
  15. Things are a bit shattered today. My older brother just passed away and I am leaving to be with my family. i will get the bugs in the mail asap, but it might be next week. Frank aka Student4evr
  16. BBuster: Just to keep you informed. I will have the Tussel Bugs on their way tomorrow. Frank aka Student4evr
  17. Go Small or GO HOME!!! :headbang: :headbang: I'm in!! I'll dig out a little one TBD Frank aka Student4evr
  18. I want to apologize to you who got into the swap. I have been in about 100 swaps so far and I think this is maybe the 2nd swap on which I just got out matched for the schedule. I did not anticipate the time it takes to spin a good fly! I will send each of you a fly within the next 6 weeks to cover my obligation. Regards Frank aka Student4evr
  19. May one of your flies Bite you Frank aka Student4evr
  20. My Carp Carrots went into the mail today. Jan, thanks for hosting. I plan on trying for some "golden bones' this year as well. I'll give you a shout when I cross over. We can chase them together. Frank aka Student4evr
  21. It Looks like you need just 1 more to fill it out.... So I'm In! Frank aka Student4evr
  22. It has been like pushing string up hill!! The frogs are int the mail :headbang: Frank aka Student4evr
  23. Can't get enough Hoppers!! I'm in Student4evr
  24. Chris, Count me in I haven't thrown anything across the border in a while. Pattern will be a damsel or a chronomid. Frank aka Student4evr
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