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  1. I have a couple of candidates! So...I'm in Frank aka Student4evr I will need a bit of time. I am currently redesigning a my fly clubs outings program and website. (http://www.4thcornerfly.com/) And I am the chair for our Coastal Conservation Association Fundraiser. (http://www.ccapnw.org) And I hope at some point to get some fishing in!!
  2. I know at some point in this year I will tackle the "Palouse Bonefish". :headbang: :headbang: I'm In! Frank aka Student4evr
  3. Randal: Yea! :headbang: Lets do another one!! Frank aka Student4evr
  4. Count me in. Frank aka Student4evr
  5. Mine will hit the mail early next week. And for all you folks on the Right Coast... When you got hit by the first big shot of snow this winter, the town I moved from in Alaska (Valdez) got 78": yes 6 1/2 feet of snow in a little over 3 days!!! :bugeyes: The real remarkable aspect is it was 8" short of the record!!! As a mater of fact they have never had a "snow day": ever. The only days the kids ever got off (other than catastrophic events like a 9.0 Earthquake that destroyed the town) come in the spring when a big high builds up in the interior and the winds start blowing a sustained 90-100 mph and the dumpsters start running down the street and your patio furniture just disapears! Of course they get an average of 330" a year and they have the gear to handle 4" / hour! I did get a bit of the flavor last week when my brother,who lives in Columbia, Maryland called up just to rant for over an hour!! But hey, that's what family is for. Anyway you guys have my sympathy. I know what it is like. I spent about 5 years in DC and we had a couple of storm that dropped a bunch and it wasn't pretty. It was one of the few time when I saw and heard thunder and lighting in the middle of a snowstorm! Frank aka Student4evr
  6. Great Fly!! Legendary in my area. What do you use for the head mohair or dubbing? Neither... Just wait and see!!! :devil2: I also tie them in :sick: Frank aka Student4evr
  7. Well the punkinheads are all tucked into the Altoids box and are on their way!! Frank aka Student4evr
  8. Kudos, :thumbsup: Big Daddy thanks for opening this up. I will post a new swap soon, I just want to figure out what I want to do. Frank aka Student4evr
  9. I belong to a fly fishing club that has been around for a while. One of our members , Jack Salstrom, came up with his version of a PunkinHead. It has been a real first choice for a couple of lakes we fish!!! I kept trying to get all the materials together but without total success. I just hosted a fly tying session for the club.....it was just like Christmas. I got a bunch of zip-locks and I now have everything I needed!!!! :headbang: :headbang: Frank aka Student4evr
  10. Things don't always work out .... but then they do... :dunno: Thanks for hosting. Frank aka Student4evr
  11. Yea, Spread them around. Frank aka Student4evr
  12. I should have the bugs in the mail tomorrow!! Frank aka Student4evr
  13. Just to put a frame of reference around this conversation: Valdez, Alaska had an accumulation of snow over 3 1/2 days earlier this year of 78 inches!!! And it was 6" short of the record!!! And there were no days off for school!! In fact they have never had school closure for just snow. The only time the schools have shut down is in the Spring when the winds will hit 90-100 mph. Dumpsters start flying around and you can't stand up. Frank aka Student4evr
  14. OK Cory: I'll Bite!! I'm in . Frank aka Student4evr Give us plenty of time for the due date.
  15. Eric: Great to see you finally broke the surface!!!! I didn't know where you would pop up! I am setting up my fly clubs outings for this year. Let me know how to get in touch with you. Welcome back!!! Frank aka Student4evr I would have joined if you hadn't. Is there still room for 1 more??? :dunno:
  16. One can never have enough drys. I'm in. Comparadackle Student4evr
  17. I have had one of those "abrasive patches in life" starting this year. :dunno: The bugs will hit the mail on Monday. Frank aka Student4evr
  18. I am Glad I am not the only one pushing string up hill. Although I don't wish anyone the aggravation. I had to reorder some loco foam after I screwed up the pattern, but the bugs are done and will hit the mail tomorrow. Apologetically: Frank aka Student4evr The shot is a Garthside Bug Infestation
  19. What''s the due date?? :dunno: Frank aka Student4evr
  20. I send these to my brother in Minnesota. I'm in! Frank aka Student4evr
  21. After all the fuss I sure hope this is one package that doesn't "get lost" crossing the border. I am really going to get pissed if this doesn't show up. Anyway have a great holiday!! Frank aka Student4evr
  22. Gary: OK where do you get it? :help: After the new year why don't we get together for a cup of coffee? Frank aka Student4evr
  23. I may have a delay. I ordered some GSS for the pattern from Jack's website and I just had the charge disappear from my credit card. :dunno: When I called the number on my receipt it was disconnected! Does anyone know what happened? It's possible that without Jack, there will be no business but I would like to find out for sure. Frank aka Student4evr
  24. I can't believe that they haven't arrived yet! :shocking:
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