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  1. Rick, I must have missed that rule somewhere. I don't think it exists, so I don't think there is any problem with you joining. Actually the rule is you can't host more than one swap at a time!!! Frank aka Student4evr I will start one SOON!!
  2. With the proviso the the due date works I'm in Punkinhead Frank aka Student4evr Whats the due date??
  3. My brother and I are going to hit the flats on the OB in Carolina next fall. So I'm in. Frank aka Student4evr
  4. BTW, as you all know, I had a time getting the wings right on the Black Heron. After checking in my library, the library's library, a bunch of my friends who tie spey flies and the internet, I was still not sure what would work. On on of my last searches I ran across an article on Hatches website!! The author of "Tying a basic Spey Fly" Frank G Swarner III gives a very clear description of the process. Once I read it and picked out the material that became the easiest part of the pattern. Here is the article: Tying a basic Spey Fly Thanks Frank!! Frank aka Student4evr
  5. Deeky: I'm in. I will be tying a pattern we use in the salt for silver salmon. It is a sparse tie of a candle fish. Frank aka Student4evr
  6. I never met the man, but I really respect what he gave us. I'm in. With the Garthside Bass Bug. I have a boat load of family where bass are a big deal!! Frank aka Syudent4evr
  7. Will wonders never cease!!!!! The bugs are in the mail!!! :thumbup: :kicking: :thumbup: There will always be room for improvement but I am satisfied with the work. I also added a couple of bugs for everyone in the swap. And S.A. thanks for yor patience. Frank aka Student4evr
  8. Time for a status report: As always: bad news, good news. I spent a couple of days getting through whatever bug was going by. I have worked out the details on this pattern!!! I have three done and the rest will be done and in the mail by the end of the week. I will need to do extra coats to finish the head. I will add a little something for all your stockings for putting up with my tardiness!! Horseshoes Thank you for giving me a chance to move my tying to the next level. Some time I should tell you about my grad school breaks in Parsboro. Great people, Great food. Here are the current versions of the joke: Frank aka Student4evr
  9. To all: It has been said that confession is good for the soul. We shall see. This has been the toughest pattern I have tried yet. I have every book in the library on spey and Salmon flies. In the past month I have cut apart dozens of attempts for various reasons. Even though I haven't tied a spey pattern before, I figured I would be able to work it out with some reasonable level of effort. NOT SO! :wallbash: It went something like this: First: Getting materials and sorting out what I really need. Second: Work out all the proportions. Third: Try wrapping a body. Go back to first step. Try wrapping a body with new wool. Try wrapping tinsel and "thread" (fine tinsel) Ribbing. Go back to first step. Try wrapping tinsel and ex small wire. Fourth: Try selecting and prepping spey hackle. ( Stripping barbs off stem. Soaked and unsoaked.) Try another way to prepare spey hackle. (Slicing stem in half to reduce volume) Fifth: Try wrapping body, ribs and hackle. Try again with the hackle facing the other way. Try positioning the hackle one third of the way forward. Try again almost all the way back. Go back to first step. Sixth: Try wrapping an underbody of floss and with a different technique on the body and Palmer ribs. Seventh: Try wrapping body etc. Try setting mallard wings. Try again, try again, try again......( Cut and set) Try new way to set wings. (cut , tie, and set) Try again, try again, try again. Try new way to set wings. (Cut with stem and set) And finally, Try again after turning them over!!! Any way I have the pattern just about worked out. However, I don't have the right hackle to get it right. I ordered $50 bucks worth this afternoon. It should be here tomorrow or Friday. I would like to finish the swap. I will probably need until Monday to get the flies in the mail. i am willing to drive up to bc to get them there faster. Let me know what you all think. I am sorry about the delay but I wanted to get a batch done as good as the ones I have seen in the swap so far. Frank aka Student4evr This was an early version and the second is the last body I did before I gave up on the goose hackle.
  10. Just to keep you informed I got the bugs in the mail late Friday. Frank aka Student4evr
  11. Wellman: I am just checking in. I have not seen any flies yet. What day did you send them. I may be another victim of the Customs "Fly Pirates"! :wallbash: Frank aka Student4evr
  12. Jim: Sorry about the delay. I did find your Addy on a previous post. :wallbash: The bugs are in the mail. Frank aka Student4evr
  13. This isn't an October Caddis but it's lake cousin the traveling sedge. The sizes are about the same. These were allover the camp when we were up at the Skagit River above Ross Lake (WA) earlier this month. There were OC's in the river but they wont be coming off until about now. This bug is about 1.75 inches long. Frank aka Student4evr
  14. They flies (Halo mayfly emerger and Emergent sparkle pupa) will be out today. I have been playing catchup for about a week. Frank aka Student4evr
  15. I had a glitch in my delivery system so the bugs hit the mail Monday when I got back from my last fishing trip. :dunno: SO many fish...so little time. Frank aka Student4evr
  16. I just caught this swap. So I will do the Black Knox. It looks like just the next step in my tying journey, the simple ones are always a big challenge. Frank aka Student4evr
  17. Dezod: This was a great swap!! :headbang: :headbang: I was able to push my skills farther and I can really appreciate all the work the other tiers put in. Frank aka Student4evr
  18. I just got back into town last night. This will be my priority. I will get them out tomorrow. Frank aka Student4evr Greg do you have the same Addy?
  19. Sorry guys, I have been out of town at the beach in Nags Head, NC. I did pack my tying stuff so the Halo Mayfly Emergers are done. Threy were long flights so I was able to re-read "Caddisflies" by Garry and I will be tying an Emerging Sparkle Pupa in about a size 16. Frank aka Student4evr By the way how many are still in this??
  20. Ross I was sitting on the beach at Nags Head, NC for the last 10 days. I finished the OC's and they should be there by now. Frank aka Student4evr
  21. I have been out of state on the East Coast for 10 days. The leeches are done and will hit the mail tomorrow. Frank aka Student4evr
  22. Cory: Flies in the mail tomorrow. This was a great swap!!! Frank aka Student4evr
  23. Jimdzaich: Thanks for joining. I assumed this would be perfect for you. I've fished your nymphs and the trout up here in the Great Northwest must speak Czech. they know what to do with the bugs. I hope I spelled your name right. At least you won't have to hear me try and pronounce it! Frank aka Student4evr
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