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  1. Thats really nice of you guys for sending extras cant wait to recieve and try them
  2. this is a great swap since I have no idea what most people are tying Thanks MWTB....cant wait
  3. will a great lakes steel hit a typical west coast fly pattern? if so, id like in
  4. sent my flies out today postage is 5.05 from canada. cant believe it and thats the cheapest!
  5. would you like the fish it fooled too? :hyst:
  6. lets have the black one...yaaaa i havent made up my mind yet....how bout i suprise everyone?
  7. thanks for your reply. I guess there arent "rules" to do it so use your own discretion. Ill take that into consideration next time
  8. I just have a general comment about the swaps. The swaps I have been in, I send enough flies so that I can get one of my own back but thats never the case. The SM's always keep two of mine. If thats the case, then the SM's always get two sets of flies. Is this normally what happen and Im just unaware of it?
  9. I know its hard when your by yourself to get pics, but try and handle them a bit more carefully, especially in the spawning season. great fish none the less
  10. I heard back from 4 of you, just wondering if everyone else recieved there flies?
  11. i agree with you guys its been my favorite swap yet
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