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  1. I also took this crease fly as it would lay sideways. basically like a floating almost dead fish u see when its just twitching around on its last fin(lol). you know it! fish will eat that up cause it looks injured and dying! if I was gonna use it I would prolly give it lil strips here and there to make it twitch around and look dying
  2. make some up! the bass round here like um! got some largemouth ang gills on it. also got a river smallmouth to take a swipe at it but i missed him somehow? works great, floats forever and its easy to tie.
  3. made these foam/deer hair mice. use 3 black rubber legs knotted up for tail, deer hair tips facing back unpacked and unspun for the body and then tan craft foam for the head. supposed it will float with the deer hair body a lil under the water like a real mouse that doggy paddles. try it out. I am for river smallies and pond largemouth! made one with a weed guard and will make the rest that way from now on! its a 10 min tie if that. super simple! my 1st time working with deer hair was today. I got this from a video from a guide from alaska and chagrin river outfitters named matt hynes. he guided the host of familiar waters once on the show. :thumb: what ya think. these are the 1st 2 I tied. if you want to get the video go to http://flyandfloatfishing.com/joomla/index...3&cat_id=15
  4. nice fly! no way thats sinkin! its foam. foam floats great
  5. sometimes quick and sometimes long. for the price I am not complaining! lol
  6. try making a griffins gnat! easy to tie and it represents a lil cluster of small gnats. can make them in just about any size! here is a video
  7. nice fly and nice fish! I will have to get me some of that mohair. beats spending on hackle!
  8. good choice! best whip finisher I ever used! the thompson that came with my tools collects dust. tried to do it with my fingers but I got too many calouses and hang nails and stuff from a habit of biting my nails so it catches the thread screws it all up.
  9. went again and got 2 more! my buddy got 3. mine came on a orange meth and a white sucker spawn. kruggies on a golden stone and white meth. also found this mayfly nymph under a rock. I think its a mayfly? looks like a march brown from troutnuts website
  10. gotta love catching fish on stuff ya tied up! I have had luck in the past with my self tied clousers and buggers for bass and steelhead and bluegills. have never had luck using egg/nymph flies for steelhead till the other day! I think I got it down now! been out 2 times in the last 3 days and got me 4 steelies! 2 each day. had 2 others on but they shook the hook. used these white angora yarn sucker spawns tied with red thread and a lil flash or a white crystal meth spawn then added a dropper stonefly nymph. 2 took the stone the other day and 2 took the spawn today. also seen lots of dead suckers. I think people were killing um or sumthing? heres a few pix
  11. will hopefully have some pics of the fish I catch with um once the river comes down from flooding and settles down
  12. thanks for the tip! i just followed the oringinal recipes materials. would prolly look better in red or yellow
  13. as you all know I am obsessed with clousers. I have lots of colors and have been very successful using them for steelhead and smallmouth. caught gills and carp with them also. anyways. here I am at it again! this time I took the original mickey finn pattern but incorporated it into a clouser style so i can use a floating line but still get it deeper down for steelhead. what ya guys think? used size 8 streamer hook, yellow and red bucktail, silver tinsel and silver bead chain eyes with black thread. made a few up. heres one
  14. nice ties beadhead buggers are one of my fav flies to use! try brown for crayfish, white for minnows and black or olive to for a leech pattern. also that salmon egg if its too big just trim it smaller.
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