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  1. Nothing wrong with what you are tying,White SS was pretty hot on the Grand before the big blowout. If you do beads,Salmon Roe works very well,see ya on the stream.
  2. soft hackles, do wonders in PA, don't forget the olive woolybugger,alway's a producer for me.
  3. mxdad66

    smurf stone

    anybody have the material's needed to tie Rick Haffle's Smurf stone,it is mentioned in his book,but no inst. on how to tie.
  4. I know this fly has been here for awhile but it is a very productive fly for me.It has turned into my go too for the steelhead,a size or color change is all i've needed to land many fish with it,thank's.
  5. Sorry you could not make it,I caught enough for the both of us to have a great day,HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
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