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  1. Thank you all for the advice. Can't wait to tie up a few and see how it works. Thanks again.
  2. Ok, I'll admit that I can't tie one of the simplest flies out there so I could use some help. When it comes to Glo bugs, there are two main materials I have used...the glo yarn and chinelle. Now with the glo yarn, I have read how it is tied to the hook in the middle, pulled tight, move the thread to the front of the hook to tie off and then trim the yarn but I can never seem to get a tight round egg looking pattern as I have seen in the fly shops. I usually use two pieces of yarn on the top and two on the bottom, each about an inch long but when I'm done it just looks like a loose mess. Therefore, how does one get a nice tight glo bug with yarn? Secondly, I have used chinelle to tie glo bugs and find it a bit easier with one problem. I start out by tying the end of the chinelle to the hook and wrapping it around. I apply one or two wraps on the end, three to four in the middle (to get the egg shape) and one or two near the eye of the hook. When I'm done the eggs looks pretty good and is fairly tight but after a few fish the middle wraps slide to the back and thus ruin the pattern. Therefore, my question is how do I create a solid egg pattern with chinelle without having it unravel after a few hits? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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