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  1. Here's the fly photo studio that I made. It's just a plastic trash can with the side cut out, and a slot cut in the top to slide different color backgrounds in. These pictures are from when I used the vise to hold the flies. Now I just stick something to hold the flies right through the middle of the light refloctor. The reflector is just a piece of cardboard covered with white paper and some stiff wire that can be bent to raise/lower it to whatever height you want. Add a big, bright natural light type light, and you're golden. Not counting the light, the whole rig cost maybe $7.
  2. Daaaaaang! Purdy! You're not gonna...um...take that onstream, are ya?
  3. Ah! I'm not one of those "All natural" types. Hell, I'd shove some foam in there somewhere if the tungsten bead didn't make that counter-productive. I'll give ya a report this weekend. Gonna try it out on Saturday.
  4. Haha. You know, I have no idea. I just tie what looks good to me. With this type of hackle, that length looks good wet. Ribbing? Not sure what you mean. The body's just pheasant tail (tan) with fine wire counter-wrap for durability.
  5. Star, Idaho. I can't belive there's only two other people from Idaho on this list!
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by The Goat: Soft hackle PT
  7. This one? http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=32948
  8. Because it hates me, and likes to see me get yelled at by my wife.
  9. These are great, guys. Thanks! I really like that Triple Threat, and Nelson's looks like a serious floater!
  10. What's the link to Radoslov's site?
  11. Sounds like maybe your bobin is loose? I've had mine become loose before, but the thread never unraveled. When not in use, try storing your bobbins with the thread holders twisted together like they were when you bought them. Keeps 'em tight on the spool. They should look like this when there's not thread in them (Or close to it):
  12. Thanks, flytire. I've been through those, and found some nice flies. I was kind of hoping for some favorite patterns that folks use. Not that I don't enjoy posts that hint of "Why don't you just get off your lazy rump and Google it yourself."... Sometimes it's just more fun to find out what other folks like.
  13. I gotta admit, aside from learning and awesome new technique, I had my doubts about this fly...until I saw the picture of the wet fly next to the real bug. Dang that's nice! Thanks for the link!!
  14. ...for some new caddis patterns. I've decided to designate 1 or 2 boxes solely to caddis. Hell, they're the one fly that you can find and catch fish on practically anywhere! I've got some tried and true patterns in my box already; EHC, Henry's Fork Caddis, E/C Caddis, a larva that I like, and a PT cased caddis...but no emergers, no pupae. What are your favorites?
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